Board of Education

Board of Education Group Photo

Jordan School District is led by the Board of Education, which consists of seven elected officials that represent their communities. The Board works with students, parents and District employees to provide students with educational opportunities, prepare for the world of work, and develop attributes of citizenship necessary in a democratic society. The Board is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment that promotes individual responsibility, personal achievement, and respect for all individuals.

The following section provides information about each Board member.  You can also find out more about Board meetingsBoard policies, book of the quarterhistorymission • vision • beliefs and voting district map.

Board Memebr Bryce Dunford

Board Member Tracy Miller

  • Tracy J. Miller
  • Board Vice President
  • Voting District 3
  • 2017-2022
  • 801-243-6253 
  • Communities represented by voting district:
    Riverton, South Jordan

Board Vice President Matthew Young

  • Matthew Young
  • Board Secretary
  • Voting District 2
  • 2015-2022
  • 801-897-3741
  • Community represented by voting district:
    Bluffdale, Riverton

Board Secretary Jen Atwood

  • Jen Atwood
  • Board Member
  • Voting District 7
  • 2015-2022
  • 801-674-9647
  • Community represented by voting district:
    West Jordan

Board Member Marilyn Richards

Board Member Darrell Robinson

  • Darrell Robinson
  • Board Member
  • Voting District  1
  • 2017-2020
  • 801-699-8017
  • Communities represented by voting district:
    Herriman, Riverton

Board President Janice Voorhies