Congratulations to An Incredible, Inspiring Teacher!

Heather Reich stands before the Jordan School Board Majestic Elementary School teacher Heather Reich is a regular at Jordan School District Board of Education meetings where she never misses the opportunity to tell everyone, “I love my job!” It is obvious how much passion Ms. Reich devotes to teaching her students and she is being recognized by the State of Utah for that passion and dedication.

Heather Reich is a proud recipient of the “Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Award.”

The Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program was created by the Utah Legislature in 2017 to reward teachers who achieve a median student growth percentile of 70 or higher in their high-poverty classrooms.

Thank you, Ms. Reich, for your love of teaching, students and striving to offer the best in education every single day! You are an inspiration.

Congratulations to Copper Mountain Middle School Counseling Team

Copper Mountain Middle counseling teamJoin us in congratulating the counseling team at Copper Mountain Middle School. The Utah School Counselor Association selected the team at Copper Mountain Middle as the Utah School Counseling Team of the Year for 2020-2021!

Copper Mountain Middle Assistant Principal Michael Christensen nominated the team. He said,“They support one another and step in to help when they see the need. They are fantastic individually, and incredible as a team. This team is firmly focused on what is best for the individual student. They work tirelessly to advocate for student success and social-emotional wellness for all. Perhaps, the best endorsement I could offer is that I would want this team to work with my own children. Knowing what these counselors do as a team, I would feel that my children were in the best of hands.”

Keep up the great work, Hillary Emmer, Melisa Christiansen, Nic Hale, Amy Gibson and Teresa Bills. We are very proud of the important work you do each and every day!

Rosamond Teachers and Staff Greeted with Smiles and Love During Fun Filled Parade

Decorated vanIt was a day to remember for Rosamond teachers, students, staff and parents as they gathered for a parade filled with fun and signs of love and support. The teachers got creative as they cruised through the community signaling the end of a school year which was far from normal. Teachers applauded students and parents on a job well done and let them know how much they are missed.

Thank you, Rosamond teachers, students, staff and parents for supporting each other and celebrating the school community!

Terra Linda Teachers and Staff Parade Is a Fun End-of-Year Farewell

Student holding signIt was a morning of mixed emotions as Terra Linda teachers and staff lined up for a fond farewell parade. They waved and congratulated students and parents on a job well done during dismissal and at home learning.

The students and their parents held signs of love and support telling teachers and staff just how much they are missed.

Well done Terra Linda Elementary School!

Fox Hollow Pays Tribute to Fantastic Teachers, Students, Staff and Parents with a Parade

Picture of ParadeIt was a day the Fox Hollow Elementary School community will remember with pride. Teachers and staff participated in a fun-filled parade, with cars creatively decorated and signs sending messages of love and support. The parade gave students and parents a chance to see their teachers and other Fox Hollow staff members.

It reminded everyone how very much they are missed.

Great job Fox Hollow!!!