Program Info for Parents & Students

  • Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS)
    Provides program background, application information and enrollment criteria.
  • Athletics & Activities
    Services and Information for athletic departments, parents, and student athletes.
  • Charter Schools
    The Utah State Board of Education provides comprehensive information on charter schools.
  • Child Development Center
    Provides services for Early Intervention (Birth-3) and Preschool (ages 3-5) age children.
  • Information on computer science pathways including STEM, CS, and Esports.
  • Concurrent EnrollmentConcurrent enrollment classes are college-level classes offered to high school students for both high school and college credit.
  • Elementary Literacy
    Provides students with information, activities and links to become better readers and writers.
  • The latest on student competitive, organized video gaming.
  • Family Education Center
    Provides support services and classes for families and students. Classes are offered in the spring, fall and winter.
  • Grants
    Provides information for seeking grants at a local, state and national level to support school improvement efforts.
  • Free & Reduced Meals Application
    Find out where to apply and how to qualify your student for free or reduced priced meals.
  • Home & Hospital
    Short-term and long-term academic services provided when students cannot attend school due to documented conditions or circumstances.
  • Jordan Education Foundation
    Engages the community to provide resources, enhance educational experiences, strengthen students, and fuel success.
  • Language & Culture Services
    Provides administrative services related to the following programs: English as a second language (ESL); ESL Endorsement; translation services; and multicultural evaluation for Special Education referrals.
  • Nursing Services
    Provides immunization, medication and CPR training details as well as a variety of health-related forms and materials.
  • Safety in Schools
    Find safe school routes and current school safety protocol information for emergency situations.
  • School Community Council Resources
    Materials to help School Community Councils work on local school issues.
  • School Counseling
    Strives to help every student graduate high school with the skills and knowledge essential for success.
  • Student Support Services
    Services for at-risk students, including drug and alcohol abuse prevention and intervention, grief and counseling support, coping skills, as well as gang prevention and intervention.
  • Title I
    A federally funded program under the Elementary/Secondary Education Act (ESEA) that helps student proficiency and performance.
  • Utah Core Standards
    A state curriculum initiative designed to establish a set of clear educational standards for english language arts and mathematics.
  • Virtual Learning
    Jordan Virtual Learning Academy gives all K-12 Utah students online learning experiences with optional in-person activities.