District Employees in My Heart Challenge: Teachers Addition

They are in it to win it!

Three Jordan School District employees are giving it their all, hoping to come out on top in Intermountain Medical Center’s My Heart Challenge: Teachers Edition. The contest challenges educators to get into the best shape of their lives, with better fitness and nutrition programs leading to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The District is proud to be represented by Bingham High’s Pepper Poulsen, Herriman High’s Dan McLay, and Riverton High School’s Robert Rooley. Best of luck to these amazing educators! The challenge lasts 100 days and winners will be announced on December 5.

Bingham High’s marketing students are getting the entire student body involved in the My Heart Challenge: Teachers and they are proudly supporting Pepper Poulsen in her efforts to win.

WATCH THIS ORIGINAL RAP Bingham Students Wrote and Perform.

South Jordan Middle Orchestra Students Receive World-Class Music Lesson

Picture of music lesson.It was a day some orchestra students at South Jordan Middle School won’t soon forget. They were treated to music lessons conducted by four members of the Salt Lake Symphony, which is Utah’s premier, all volunteer orchestra.

The students were focused and grateful as the talented professionals taught them some new musical techniques with their instruments. The Salt Lake Symphony provides free professional workshops to schools as part of their Educational Outreach Program.

Director of South Jordan Middle Orchestras, Rich Munro said, “During the event, I heard immediate noticeable improvement in our orchestra students’ performance skills, and furthermore, I learned new teaching methods to make me a more effective director. As an added bonus, I loved hearing that the visiting musicians were genuinely impressed with our students! They felt the students were engaged in listening, learning, and applying what was being taught to them. It was obvious to the professionals that our students want to improve as musicians.”

“Heartfelt thanks go out to the two violinists, violist, and cellist who donated their precious personal time in providing world-class instruction to our amazing South Jordan Middle Orchestras. What a great day!”

South Jordan Middle School Twins Inspire Entire School to “Rise Up” with an Amazing Video

Identical twin sisters Lucy and Ellis Herring are doing their part to make sure South Jordan Middle School is a welcoming and positive place for everyone. They produced an inspiring video, which reflects the school theme “Rise Up,” asking everyone to rise above, be advocates for one another, promote kindness and make good choices. The video was shown in classrooms throughout the school to kick off South Jordan Middle’s “Rise Up” campaign.

Here is the inspirational video.

Take a moment to watch this and be inspired.

Click Here for the KSTU Fox 13 News Story.



Hayden Peak Students Have Some Fun after Successful PTA Fundraiser!

Picture of pie eating contestThey worked hard to support dedicated members of the Hayden Peak PTA. Students rallied behind a PTA fundraiser selling candy bars and tracking down donations. The goal was to raise $14,000, but that didn’t happen. The students went above and beyond that goal – raising $15,400 for the PTA.

As a reward for making and breaking their fundraising goal, the students were treated to a fun-filled assembly where teachers from each grade participated in a pie eating contest. Principal Butler and Assistant Principal Christensen also provided entertainment by being ‘dunked.’

Congratulations everyone for supporting PTA with your successful fundraiser.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Lunch Ladies Team Up With Local Farmers To Provide Fresh Produce!

IStudents in lunch line.t is a fun time of year to enjoy a meal prepared by the District’s amazing lunch ladies. That’s because Nutrition Services teams up with local farmers in a program called “Farm to School,” which brings lots and lots of freshly harvested food directly to our kitchens and cafeterias. The fresh produce is delivered, sometimes by the farmers themselves, to all of our schools, which provide 30,000 meals each day for students, teachers and staff. You might be surprised by how much fresh produce is actually served this time of year.

  • Watermelon – 4,000 pounds
  • Cantaloupe – 2,000 pounds
  • Honey Dew Melons – 2,000 pounds
  • Spaghetti Squash – 1,000 pounds
  • Pears – 20,000
  • Peaches – 20,000
  • Ears of Corn – 20,000
  • Apples – 110,000

The District is proud to invest in local products spending about $2 million a year on farm fresh produce, including milk from local producers, bread products, even local Norbest Turkeys.

Thanks to the 500 Nutrition Services employees who work so hard to provide healthy, amazing meals to students and others throughout the District each and every day!