‘Acceptance Day’ Encourages Students to Treat Each Other With Kindness and Respect

Students, teachers and members of the community will come together on Saturday at Bingham High School in a number of events to encourage everyone to treat each other with kindness, respect and acceptance. What is being called ‘Acceptance Day,’ is an effort on the part of PTA members and others to stop bullying and the negative impact bullying can have on young teens. There will be classes and other activities with an anti-bullying message.

In addition, the day is a celebration of the acceptance of lacrosse as an official high school sport. Lacrosse games will be played throughout the day.

Foothills Elementary is ABC4’s Midday Weather School

Students in the 4th grade Chinese Dual Language Immersion classes at Foothills Elementary got a first-hand lesson in weather forecasting. The children were featured on ABC4’s Midday Weather School with meteorologist Devon Lucie. Between live TV weather segments, the students were educated about the science of weather and discussed the upcoming winter weather forecast.

Check out the video segment from yesterday’s broadcast on ABC4.

Governor Encourages Healthy Eating Habits on “Apple Crunch Day”

Student biting into an appleStudents in schools around the State simultaneously took a bite into a locally grown, farm fresh apple this week. Governor Gary Herbert declared October 11, 2017 as “Apple Crunch Day,” hoping to get more young people excited about healthy eating options.

At West Jordan Middle School, the entire student body participated, biting into hundreds of fresh apples together at exactly 10 a.m.

Public schools in Utah serve more than 60 million meals during the school year and in Jordan School District the Farm to School program encourages students to try food fresh off the farm that is served in cafeterias district-wide, especially during the harvest season.


FUN FACT FRIDAY: Big-Hearted Teacher Gave Up Wedding Gifts for Students in Need

Rickee Stewart on Rachael RayThousands of students in Jordan School District will be warmer this winter thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of a Copper Hills High School teacher with a really big heart. Teacher Rickee Stewart was recently married. She decided to give up wedding gifts, instead turning her bridal registry into requests for things like new coats, backpacks and sleeping bags for students in need. The idea made national news with Rickee appearing on the Nightly News and the Rachael Ray Show.

As a result, the donations came pouring into Copper Hills High from around the world! Here is what this amazing educator has collected for students so far.

  • 2,900 Brand New Coats
  • A $10,000 Donation from Burlington Stores
  • 20 Sleeping Bags
  • 20 Tents
  • Dozens of Brand New Shoes and Backpacks

Rickee Stewart is living proof that one person can make a positive difference and better the lives of students in need. Thank you, Rickee, and to everyone who has contributed to make this story such a success for students.