Excitement is Building for The First Day of School

Back to School BackpackExcitement is building as schools, teachers and staff get ready to welcome students back for the first day of school for the 2021-22 year. Here are the dates to remember.

  • Monday, August 16 – 7th grade orientation
  • Monday, August 16 – First day of school for high schools
  • Tuesday, August 17 – First day of school for elementary schools
  • Tuesday, August 17 – First day of school for middle schools

The entire calendar for the 2021-22 school year can be found on our Planning & Enrollment Calendars page.  Enrollment information can be found on our Planning & Enrollment Registration page.

Big Rocket Launch Marks End of Summer School for Students in Unique STEM Program

Rocket LaunchingIt was not a typical summer of rest and relaxation for some middle school students in Jordan School District. That’s because they were immersed in abstract reasoning, problem-solving, computer science, statistics, engineering and mind-challenging math equations. It was part of something called the Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP), which is an academically rigorous mathematics-based summer enrichment program. The last day of PREP culminated with students launching their own home-made rockets they designed using engineering skills.

The PREP program runs for six weeks over the summer, with students dedicated to 4-hours of interactive lessons each day. It is aimed at introducing teens to careers and opportunities in STEM-related fields. As part of PREP, students have the opportunity to attend STEM classes at Salt Lake Community College half days in their junior and senior years in high school.

Congratulations on a successful summer school. We hope you had a blast learning!

Let the Summer Fun Begin and Be Safe!

Ms. Adams' Second Grade ClassSchool is officially out for the summer for all students in Jordan School District now as South Jordan Elementary closed the book on their last year-round calendar. We are proud of the many accomplishments you achieved this year and applaud students, teachers and staff who helped to make the year a success.

Have a safe, happy summer and 4th of July holiday everyone!

South Jordan Elementary School Students Shine in Musical Production of Mary Poppins

Cast of MusicalIt was two years in the making and they were persistent in not letting the pandemic get in their way.  After rehearsing, singing and practicing lines for months via Zoom, students at South Jordan Elementary School were finally able to take the stage in an amazing performance of the musical Mary Poppins. The main cast characters were double cast to give more students an opportunity to be part of the play, which involved 62 participants.

We applaud everyone who worked so hard to make the musical happen, giving students a wonderful opportunity to show off their many talents. A special thank you to the musical team staff including Diane Witt-Roper, Scott Knight and Alan LaFleue.

Congratulations to everyone on your magical production of Mary Poppins!

Celebrating the 2021 Jordan Education Foundation Educators of the Year!

Every year the Jordan Education Foundation celebrates “Outstanding Educators of the Year” with surprise visits to schools and classrooms. This year, recipients were recognized and honored in every single school in Jordan School District.

Enjoy this video featuring some of the winners and join us in congratulating the 2021 Outstanding Educators of the Year!