Traditional Elementary and Middle Schools Start & Everybody’s Back!

IMG_5495With the opening of traditional elementary and middle schools, all students are now back in class in Jordan School District for what we hope will be a successful year. Heartland and Majestic Elementary schools are participating in an exciting new “Turnaround School” project with an intense focus on accountability and success. These schools are decorated with reminders that every child can achieve and strive for higher education at colleges anywhere in the country. Teachers in the schools are shining examples that if you work hard, you will find success. Welcome back everyone, let’s make 2014–15 a school year to remember. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Superintendent, Area Administrators Participate in Ice Bucket Charity Challenge

photo(31)It began with principals and teachers taking the plunge in the Ice Bucket Charity Challenge to benefit ALS research. That led to Jordan School District Superintendent, Dr. Patrice Johnson and area administrators being nominated to participate. They did so in style dressed in suits and ties as students and other school leaders dumped buckets of ice water on them. We are very proud of Superintendent Johnson, Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Teri Timpson, Mike Anderson and Brad Sorensen for stepping up to help in the fight against ALS. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Welcome Back High School Students, Teachers, Staff

_H4A9816(1)It is great to have the halls of our high schools once again filled with students, faculty and staff. Welcome back everyone! We hope the 2014-15 school year is marked with success, accomplishments and memories that will last a lifetime. Our traditional elementary and middle schools are ready for the arrival of students, faculty and staff tomorrow. Year-round schools have been alive with learning and other fun educational activities since they started in July.