Every Graduating Student Has a Story to Tell

Students in the graduating class of 2014 have many great stories of achievement and we applaud them all for their hard work and success. One story that strikes an emotional cord lies in the bravery and perseverance of a West Jordan High senior. KuKu Faridadam survived an early life of poverty and turmoil in Sudan, eventually making his way to Utah were he is living his dream of getting a proper education and graduating high school. Here is KUTV’s story on this very special young man.

New Playground Opens Honoring Sierra Newbold

IMG_5149Sierra Newbold loved the outdoors and now a new playground is open that will honor her and keep her memory alive. The 6-year-old was abducted from her West Jordan home in 2012 and killed.  West Jordan city leaders, police, firefighters and members of the community were on hand as the ‘Sierra Newbold Playground’ was dedicated inside the Ron Wood Park in West Jordan. Sierra’s mother said she was deeply honored by the show of support and said the playground was a fitting tribute to her daughter who loved to play outside. The playground was designed for children of all abilities and is located at 5900 New Bingham Highway. Enjoy a photo gallery of this event and the new playground on our Facebook page.

Copper Mountain Colts Run 5K and Capture Top Prize

ImageIf you’re going to run a race against the Copper Mountain Colts, you had better come prepared. At the USOE Healthy STEM 5K Run, the Colts took the top prize for having more runners participate (30) than any other school in the state! Way to go Colts. The run is designed along with a STEM fair to encourage a healthy and active interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It was held at the University of Utah and all proceeds will help Utah’s MESA team travel to the 2014 national competition. Enjoy a photo gallery of this event on our Facebook page.

What Educational Opportunities Would Students Lose in a District Split?

The big losers in a district split are the children. South Jordan City students would lose access to many Jordan School District programs and courses available to its students. In addition, there are many programs supported by the Jordan Education Foundation such as The Leader in Me, mini-grants for teachers, scholarships, Arts for Education and music program support. Replicating or replacing these programs could take years. The potential educational program losses, should a district split occur, have been broken into three categories: Curriculum, Special Education, and Career and Technical Education (CTE), including classes provided by the Jordan Applied Technology Center.

South Jordan City students would lose access to dual-immersion language courses offered in schools outside of South Jordan City. They would also lose the secondary ALPS magnet school. South Jordan City schools would lose the support the Jordan District Curriculum and Staff Development Department provides in the areas of Gifted/Talented programs, science programs, mathematics programs, history programs, music programs, etc., as well as District support for staff training and evaluations.

Special Education
South Jordan City students would lose access to dozens of resources, programs, and self-contained support classes. These include the Kauri Sue Hamilton School, the Child Development Center, South Valley School, and services provided in the self-contained support classes and programs:

  • Elementary School Level
    • High-functioning Autism Support, primary and intermediate
    • Functional Multiple Disability/Autism Academic Support, primary and intermediate
    • Diagnostic kindergarten support
    •  Social-Emotional-Behavioral Support, primary and intermediate
    • Intellectual Disability/Multiple/Autism Functional Academic Support, primary and intermediate
    • Intellectual Disability/Orthopedic Impairment Academic Support, primary and intermediate
    • Academic and Communications Support, grades 1-6
  • Middle and High School Levels
    • Intellectual Disability Functional Academic Support, grades 7-9
    • Academic and Communications Support, grades 7-9
    • Intellectual Disability/Orthopedic Impairment Functional Academic Support, grades 7-9
    • Social-Emotional-Behavioral Support, grades 7-9
    • Social-Emotional-Behavioral/Autism Support, grades 7-9
    • Intellectual Disability/Multiple/Autism Functional Academic Support, grades 7-9
    • High-functioning Autism Support, grades 10-12

Career and Technical Education (CTE)
While the argument has been made that many CTE courses could still be offered in schools located within South Jordan City, most, if not all, receive District funding and professional support from the Jordan Applied Technology Center and District CTE Department. These specialty course offerings could take many years to replicate. South Jordan City students could also lose access to the courses offered at the Jordan Applied Technology Center, including: