Students Gather Around Flag in Song with ‘Sunrise Salute to Patriot Day’

Sunrise Salute to Patriot's DayTo pay respect and remember the lives lost on 9/11, fifteen years ago, students, staff and family members gathered on Friday morning for a ‘Sunrise Salute to Patriot Day’ at South Jordan Middle School. Forming a huge, human circle around the flagpole outside, everyone paid tribute to past and present military personnel as well as police, fire and first responders. Members of the school choir performed several patriotic numbers in honor of those who serve or have served our country. It was a show of support to everyone who works hard and sacrifices for the many freedoms we all enjoy.

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District Students and Counselors Walk for Suicide Prevention

20160827_1014391It was a walk to increase awareness and the Jordan School District was well represented. A team of District counselors called “Jordan Counselors Care” participated in the “Out of the Darkness Walk” for suicide prevention at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. The walk was sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Bingham High School drama students also participated, along with their teacher Michelle Robbins. The Bingham team walked to support Troy and Kim Slaymaker who lost two sons to suicide, both of the teens attended schools in the District

We applaud the counselors, students and teacher for participating in an important walk bringing awareness to suicide prevention.


ABC 4 Weather School Broadcasts Live from Fox Hollow

ABC 4 Meteorologist Devon Lucie at Fox HollowSome students at Fox Hollow Elementary got an real-life lesson in meteorology live on TV while friends and family members anxiously watched the broadcast from home.

That’s because the school was chosen by ABC 4 and Meteorologist Devon Lucie to be featured as Weather School of the Week.

Each week during the traditional school year, Devon or one of the other ABC 4 meteorologists appear at a local elementary to teach a lesson on weather and present the weather LIVE on television during the midday newscast.

About 100 fourth-graders from Fox Hollow were able to meet Devon and his videographer Melissa. They talked about the weather in Utah and joined Devon on ABC 4 as he delivered his midday weather forecast.

Students from Mrs. Clifford’s, Mrs. Arnold’s, Mr. White’s, Mr. Burrell’s and Mr. Ancian’s fourth-grade classes participated in the Weather School.

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Welby Teachers Take the Stage to Perform Lively ‘Leader In Me’ Skit

DSCN1595With characters like ‘Fantastic First,’ ‘Win-Win Woman’ and ‘Mighty Mind,’ teachers at Welby Elementary School took the stage in a fun and creative skit to teach children how to use the 7 Habits of Happy Kids to become true leaders. The story centered around two students, Tina and Tommy who, time after time were met with temptations by ‘Sinister Slacker’ to take the easy way out of getting homework done. However, Superheroes always came to the rescue, offering one of the 7 Habits to get the students back on track. In the end, Tina and Tommy became true leaders thanks to characters like the ‘Ultimate Understander’ who helped them obtain super leadership powers. Congratulations to everyone involved! You are superheroes for children and education. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Bond Fact Friday: Portables Save Money & Help Manage Growth

One way the District has managed fluctuations in growth over the years is through the use of portable classrooms. Portables are effective because they can be moved from one location to another when school enrollments expand and perhaps later decline. Portables save taxpayers
money, because they delay the need for new schools in areas where there is a shifting population. Right now we have 250 portable classrooms District-wide.

Watch this short video which explains the efficient use of portables.