JSD Bus Driver Recognized by KSL-TV for Kindness and Compassion

For 10 years Clair Skoubye has been warming the hearts of children in the District as a kind and caring school bus driver. Recently, he went above and beyond for one of the students on his route. Clair found out Izzy Slater, an 11-year-old in a wheelchair attending the Kauri Sue Hamilton school, was having a difficult time getting in and out of cars and on and off the bus because her family didn’t have a ramp. So, out of the kindness of his heart, Clair got to work and built one. It’s something he had never done before and he relied on what his father taught him many years ago. Local businesses cut costs on the supplies when they found out what Clair was doing. Izzy’s family said the gift of a lift/ramp made their holiday season and they couldn’t have been more grateful. They call Clair the #bestbusdriver. KSL-TV found out and honored Clair Skoubye with their High 5 award for doing something good in the community. Congratulations, Clair! You really are deserving of the title #bestbusdriver.

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Fun Fact Friday: Working Around the Clock for Safety in Winter Weather

In challenging winter weather conditions involving snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures, the District has crews working around the clock to keep our buildings open, students and employees safe and buses running.

For example in the past week alone:

  • 116 tons, (232,000 pounds) of ice melt was used on driveways and in parking lots at our schools and buildings.
  • 12 District employees were out nightly, throughout the night, driving from one end of the District to another to assess the condition of roadways and determine if they are safe for buses to travel and transport students.
  • District alarm response crews worked throughout the night checking schools to make sure there were no frozen pipes.
  • About 30 snowplows worked throughout the night to clear school parking lots and driveways.
  • Transportation crews and bus drivers arrived at 4 a.m. to make sure buses were running and ready to transport students.
  • Computerized engine heaters are being used on a number of buses. These heaters reduce idling time and the amount of diesel fuel needed which in turn reduces fuel costs and pollution.

Thanks to our dedicated employees for keeping the District, the size of a small city, safely operating in challenging winter weather. In addition, we appreciate the support of our patrons as we work to keep everyone safe.

A Tribute to Lavell Edwards, Friend and Inspiration to Students

As people around the state and country pay their final respects to legendary BYU Football Coach Lavell Edwards Friday evening, we wanted to share a special story and say thank you, Coach Edwards. Just over a year ago, Edwards took time to meet with and inspire some West Jordan High School athletes. Here is that story.

Legendary BYU Football Coach Lavell Edwards has a message for young people and every now and then he still takes the opportunity to share that message. That’s why the coach agreed to make a surprise visit to West Jordan High where he talked to student athletes. He told football players and members of the cross-country team to never give up on their goals. He said if they use their minds they can achieve anything in life. Mr. Edwards said he found success through perseverance and establishing good relationships with his football players and others in his life. Some of the athletes said meeting Lavell Edwards was a dream come true. Thanks, Coach! You are an inspiration. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Herriman High Helps Out After Hundreds of Charter Students Evacuated

Herriman High opened its doors with a warm welcome for more than 800 elementary school students from Athlos Academy, a charter school in Herriman.

An unusual gas-like odor inside the school led to the entire student body and staff being evacuated. Because their planned evacuation site was too far for children to walk in the frigid temperatures, they needed to find a facility that could handle everyone during the evacuation. Jordan School District immediately arranged for buses to transport students and staff from Athlos to the Herriman High School auditorium. Herriman High, District personnel, firefighters and police were on hand to greet the children and calm any fears. An animated movie was even shown to make their time at Herriman High as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to everyone who helped in making the evacuation and safe return of students and staff to Athlos a success.

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SCHOOL IS OPEN: No school closures or late starts for Thursday, Jan. 5 in Jordan School District.

SCHOOL IS OPEN: No school closures or late starts for Thursday, Jan. 5 in Jordan School District.

Please use caution while driving in icy road conditions and give yourselves extra time for safe travel.  Buses may be running a bit late due to weather and traffic.  In addition, please be aware of icy conditions while walking on school grounds, in parking lots and on walkways.

Please know that parents can keep children home when weather is extreme. Schools understand and respect this decision and will work with families.

For more information about school closure guidelines and procedures, please visit jordandistrict.org/resources/emergency.