Bingham High Drama Students Rock!

Screenshot 2014-07-21 16.15.47A big thanks to the Bingham High drama students who spent time during their summer vacation to help out the District’s communications office. These talented young people are going to be featured in a social media training video and we can’t wait to show you how they shine! Stay tuned.

JEA Opposed to District Split

The Jordan Education Association (JEA) is opposed to a split of the Jordan School District. In 2007, JEA members were divided, not knowing what new and smaller school districts would be like. Our message at that time was “Proceed with Caution.”

JEA recently surveyed members for their opinions about another potential District split. Our members overwhelmingly oppose a District split: 82% say they are opposed to a split with 9% unsure of their position at this time and only 9% in favor.

As part of the survey, teachers raised many concerns about a potential division. These concerns directly affecting teachers include lower employee morale, loss of steps and lanes, fewer instructional resources and duplication of district administration just to name a few. Another item listed often in the comments was the loss of professional development. The first three years following the split, opportunities for professional development were non-existent. As with any profession, continuous learning and growth is needed, and students always benefit from better trained teachers.

Below are some of the survey comments from JEA members:
“No one seems to be looking at this from the perspective of helping the students. How does stretching and splitting the dollars help the students to have more classes, facilities or programs for them to take to the next level of learning?”

“Smaller districts and schools usually mean loss of opportunities and programs for students either to do with low population or lack of money.  Splitting is not a good idea.  We should be asking what is best for kids.”

“I am so glad I stayed with Jordan district. I believe they want what is best for kids and promote best practices for teachers.”

“I basically worry that we’ll see a repeat of the last 5 years. After watching the slashing of jobs that occurred in the ranks of the classified employees, and the financial losses that we suffered as teachers, it scares me to think that it could all happen again.”

“I haven’t seen any positive outcomes from the Canyons split, so I don’t expect to see any from a South Jordan split.”

“I feel like the previous split was bad for students and teachers and feel like this type of split would be even worse.  The students and teachers deserve the best opportunities and education we can provide, so we should work together as a larger community to provide them rather than dividing up and trying to complete against each other.”

“The problem is that no one is asking, ‘What is best for students, unless this will give more money to MY student by taking it away from YOUR student?”

Public education is the great equalizer. The Jordan Education Association believes in a great public school for every child.  Adults who make decisions about education need to put politics aside and consider what is best for ALL children!

School’s Out But Custodians and Secretaries Hard at Work!

IMG_5318School may be out for the summer, but not for District custodians and secretaries. A lot of the really hard work is done in our buildings over the summer months. Secretaries are neck deep in paperwork closing out one school year and quickly beginning work on the new one before teachers report back. Custodians are deep cleaning every inch of every school and building from top to bottom. They are spending days scrubbing and waxing gymnasium floors to make them shine like a mirror. At Columbia Elementary alone our custodian Dave and his sweeper staff will clean more than 35,000 square feet of carpet, take apart and dust 628 light fixtures, scrub down more than 750 desks and scour eleven bathrooms from toilets to the tile and everything in between. Thanks to this dedicated group of employees who shine everyday by making our schools shine! Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.