Fun Fact Friday: Student Spending vs. Graduation Rates

The new numbers are in and Jordan ranks third in graduation rates among districts along the Wasatch Front, even though we are ninth in student spending. Our taxpayers are getting a tremendous value for their dollar.

Expenditures Per Pupil¹ Graduation Rate²
Davis $6,348 91%
Alpine $6,041 90%
Jordan $5,752 85%
Canyons $7,059 83%
Murray $6,772 83%
Weber $6,407 80%
Charters $5,562 79%
Salt Lake $8,660 71%
Ogden $7,721 71%
Granite $6,899 70%

¹ USOE Superintendent’s Report 2013-14; Current expenditures per pupil in fall enrollment (includes instruction, support services, non-instructional services and direct program support. Excluded are property and support for private school students).
² USOE 2014 Cohort graduation and dropout rate report

New Building Design Advisory Group

As a requirement of the Interlocal Agreement signed by the District and cities, Jordan School District retained Construction Control Corporation (CCC) to spend the past several months examining and auditing the District’s design, building and construction methods. CCC presented their findings to the New Building Design Advisory Group, made up of Riverton City Mayor Bill Applegarth, Herriman City Mayor Carmen Freeman, a District administrator and three Board members. The Group presented their findings as part of the January 27 Board Meeting. Two of their initial findings include:

  • The District has some of the most qualified project managers and inspectors in the state, “even more qualified than many of the commercial building inspectors.”
  • The District should “continue to focus on providing a durable, long-lasting product that takes into account not only the capital expenditure, but also the yearly operating and maintenance costs over the life of the product.”
  • Two additional conclusions show that:
  • There is no evidence to suggest that Jordan has paid unnecessarily elevated construction costs.
  • When considering building costs, and using “Cost Per Student” as the fairest comparison, Jordan’s costs are well below national and regional averages. In elementary costs we are less than half of the regional cost average.

The group also presented a number of recommendations including a goal for the District to cut elementary and middle school building costs by 17 percent, by cutting square footage, materials quality or educational programs.

Consul General of France Visits Fox Hollow Elementary

DSCN0770Children in the French Dual Language Immersion classes at Fox Hollow Elementary had an exciting day hosting a very special French dignitary. The new Consul General of France, Pauline Carmona, stopped by the school to see first-hand how French Dual Language Immersion is taught and how students are responding and speaking the language. She also applauded Jordan School District for receiving a prestigious award on behalf of the French Ministry. Fox Hollow is one of only 10 schools in the country to receive the ‘Label Franc’ award for outstanding French language education. The Consul General spent time talking to students and then attended an assembly where children sang songs (in French), and presented Ms. Carmona with gifts representing Utah and flowers. We are very proud of all the Dual Language Immersion programs taught in the District and the educators who make the programs so successful. Check out more photos of the visit on our Facebook page.

Board Votes on Butterfield Canyon and Herriman Elementary Calendars

elem_herriman_galleryDescribing it as a very difficult decision, members of the Board of Education voted to transition Butterfield Canyon and Herriman Elementary Schools from a year-round to a traditional calendar for the 2015-16 school year. The decision came after approximately 80% of parents responding to a survey at both schools supported the move, even though it may be temporary. Opening of the new Blackridge elementary reduced student populations at Butterfield Canyon and Herriman making it possible to transition to a traditional calendar. District estimates show the move could save approximately $100,000 a year in operating costs at each school.