Bus Drivers Bring Safety Message to District Elementary Schools

Bus drivers in Jordan School District are literally taking their safety message on the road this month traveling to 34 elementary schools giving students a hands-on lesson in school bus safety. Here is a look at this important training as reported by Fox 13 news:


Fun Fact Friday: Every Minute Counts

IMG_5583When Bryan Leggat was made principal of Joel P. Jensen Middle, he quickly realized there was a significant problem with tardies in his school. For the 2011-12 academic year there were nearly 48,000 tardies, which equaled 100 students late for every period of the day. So for his first year he implemented random, once a week tardy sweeps of the school. Joel P. immediately realized a huge improvement as tardies dropped to 25,600 for the 2012-13 school year. While much better, it still was not good enough.

Halfway through the 2013-14 school year, the school staff began tardy sweeps every single period. The improvement was again dramatic as tardies plummeted to 9,500 for the year. This year the goal is to keep that number below 5,000 tardies, which is ten percent of where it was just a few years ago. This new goal allows six tardies per student for the entire year.

Bryan is very pleased with the results but is quick to recognize the efforts of the entire school team. “This level of success would not be possible without the support of my teachers, hall monitors, administrators and our school resource officer,” said Leggat. “They are working hard during every class break to keep our students moving to their next class. If our students are not in class, they can’t learn and every minute counts.”

The Farm Comes to Schools For a Day of Fun

IMG_5571Students at Columbia Elementary who have lived their life in the city and have never experienced everything a farm has to offer got that chance on Thursday. That’s because the farm came to school for a day. In what was called the ‘Farm Field Day’, the Salt Lake County Urban Farming team gave children and their parents at three District elementary schools a taste of the farm with a number of farm-related educational activities. Local farmers were on hand setting up booths to share fresh fruits and vegetables, talking to children about growing crops and raising animals on a farm. A beekeeper was also there to explain where honey comes from. Thanks to teachers, staff and nutrition services for participating as well, dressing the part of farmers or wearing costumes to look like farm animals and vegetables. Enjoy a photo gallery of this wonderful event our Facebook page.

Herriman High Students Nearly Picture Perfect at State Fair

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.35.34 AMIt was one of the first assignments for students in Kory Trapane’s Advanced Photography class at Herriman High. Just days into the new year, Mr. Trapane challenged his class to photograph something good enough to enter in the Young Amateur Competition at the Utah State Fair. The students not only met the challenge, six of them walked away with a total of ten ribbons. Click here to see the amazing work done by these very talented students. Congratulations.

Soldier Brings Big Surprise to Southland Elementary

Screenshot 2014-09-08 14.48.09Alex Proctor is a 4th-grade student at Southland Elementary who loves the military. That’s because his big brother and best friend, Austin Proctor, is an army recruit who just finished basic training in Georgia and will soon be deployed overseas for three years. Before that deployment, Austin decided to surprise his little brother at school along with friends and family members. Austin snuck in the 4th-grade class when his little brother was out, and when Alex walked in he saw his big brother sitting at his desk in full army fatigues. The two brothers, who hadn’t seen each other in months, hugged for a long time, then Austin gave Alex his own Army jacket to wear. The entire family was treated to lunch in the school cafeteria. Thanks to Austin Proctor for his service to our country and for being such an amazing role-model for his little brother. Enjoy the news coverage of Austin and Alex’s reunion.