Herriman Elementary

About Herriman Elementary

LogoHerriman Elementary is located in the southwest corner of the District’s boundaries in the rapidly growing city of Herriman.

The mission of Herriman Elementary is to create a safe, positive environment to educate students academically, socially and physically, enabling students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.

School Demographics/Schedule
Herriman Elementary serves approximately 1,100 students in grades K-6.The school opened in July 1999 on a standard 9-month schedule. However, a year-round school calendar was adopted beginning July of 2002. Students are divided into four attendance groups or tracks. Typically, each track is in school for 45 days and then has a 15-day vacation. All students have a common vacation during July.

The teacher/pupil ratio is 1 to 22.10 in Kindergarten, 22.3 in 1st and 2nd grades, 23.1 in 3rd grade, and 26.3 in 4th, 5th, & 6th grades; however, individual class sizes vary. The faculty is comprised of highly qualified teachers. Many have advanced degrees in early childhood and elementary education.  Many teachers have obtained endorsements in reading, ESL or Gifted/Talented Education or are working on degrees in Math Education.

Curriculum/Areas of Focus
The school’s curriculum meets or exceeds all state and District standards. State and District Core Curriculum Guidelines are followed. Core subjects are taught in self-contained classrooms. We have 5 areas of focus:  1) Literacy; 2) Math/Numeracy; 3) Differentiated Instruction; 4) Music, Visual, & Performing Arts & Physical Education; and 5) Technology.

As part of Herriman Elementary’s focus on Technology, we have 120 computers available for student use at any time.  80 of these computers make up 4 mobile labs. Teachers use computers to facilitate student instruction and student learning in their classrooms to facilitate integration of the newly adopted Renzulli School-wide Enrichment Model for gifted and accelerated learners. This revolving door model allows all students to participate in their areas of interest at the level they are most comfortable. Students and parents have access to these resources 24/7.

Support of community values is important at Herriman Elementary.  In April of 2009, school administration met with members of the Herriman community including, city officials, Jordan District Board of Education members, emergency responders, teachers, business leaders, parents, and PTA members to discuss and identify core community values that the school could reinforce to support parents and the community.  The values identified which will be reinforced at school are: 1) Compassion; 2) Respect; 3) Integrity; 4) Community Identity; 5) Continuous Learning; and 6) Character.

School Behavior Intervention Plan
Our School Behavior Intervention Team created a school-wide behavior expectation model with positive reinforcement components (HAWK 200) for students who followed school expectations. We implemented the program for teachers during the spring of 2008 and for students at the beginning of the 2008-09 school year.  Last year, 1900 students were recognized for fulfilling school-wide expectations with a phone call home to parents as well as receiving recognition among peers by having their name placed on the HAWK 200 board in the cafeteria. The result of the implementation of the School-wide Behavior Intervention program was a 40% decrease in major incidents (bullying, fighting, etc.) over last year at this same time.

Miscellaneous Information
Herriman follows the District dress standards that require clean, neat, modest clothing. Students are expected to learn self-discipline. If serious problems arise, parents, the student, the classroom teacher, counselor, and principal work as a team to find the best solution to ensure the student’s success.

  • Teachers are evaluated regularly to maintain high quality instruction.
  • Nutritious, well-balanced lunches are served each day.
  • Bus service is provided for all students who live 1.5 miles or more from the school.
  • Visitors are always welcome at Herriman and asked, as per State Law, to sign in at the office prior to conducting business in the school. The Herriman staff is happy to assist visitors and anxious to help new students feel at home.
  • Opportunities for recognition include the High Flying Hawk Award for academic achievement and the Students of the Week Recognition Program, and the Principal’s Citizenship Honor Roll.
  • Additional activities offered include grade level musical and drama productions, monthly citizenship focus, participation in PTA Reflections, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee and a Science Fair.
Student Achievement

The Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) is a collection of computer-adaptive assessments given to Utah students beginning in grade 3. SAGE assessments provide questions that assess students’ ability to apply higher-order thinking skills and better emulate real tasks students may encounter in education and in life.

SAGE assessments were developed through a joint effort on the part of Utah teachers, parents, test development experts, and the Utah State Office of Education. SAGE assessments provide information to assist in determining students’ educational progress towards being ready for college and careers upon completion of secondary school.

PACE is an acronym given to Utah’s 2013 ten-year education and economic development plan. The plan includes four main components: Prepare young learners, Access for all students, Complete certificates and degrees, and Economic success (PACE). PACE Accountability Reports provide information regarding a school’s progress towards achieving components of the Governor’s education and economic development plan.

In lower and middle grades, PACE Accountability Reports display information regarding kindergarten readiness and SAGE assessment results for grades 3, 6, and 8. At the high school level, SAGE reports include graduation rates, ACT results, and college credit earned concurrent enrollment, advanced placement (AP), career and technical education (CTE), and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Boundary Description

Begin at the west county line and approx. 11800 S.; east along approx. 11800 S. (south side) to approx. 5610 W.; south along approx. 5610 W. (west side) to the Midas Gulch (approx. 5680 W); east along the Midas Gulch (south side) to Anthem Park Blvd.; south along Anthem Park Blvd. (west side) to Herriman Pkwy.; west along Herriman Pkwy. (north side) to approx. 6400 W.; south along approx. 6400 W. (west side) to approx. 12590 S.; east along approx. 12590 S. (south side) to Starlite Hill Ln.; south along Starlite Hill Ln. (west side) to Silver Sky Dr.; east along Silver Sky Dr. (south side) to 6000 W.; south along 6000 W. (west side) to Main St.; east along Main St. (south side) to 5600 W.; south along 5600 W. (west side) to Mirabella Dr.; west along Mirabella Dr. (north side) to Emmeline Dr.; south along Emmeline Dr. (west side) to Butterfield Park Wy.; west along Butterfield Park Wy. (north side) to Rose Canyon Rd.; north along Rose Canyon Rd. (east side) to Main St.; west along Main St. (north side) to approx. 7400 W.; north along approx. 7400 W. (east side) to the Butterfield Creek; west along the Butterfield Creek (north side) to U-111; south along U-111 (west side) to Herriman Hwy.; southwest along Herriman Hwy. to the west county line; north along the west county line (east side) to approx.11800 S.