Bruce At Smith’s Serves Up Fun and Laughter For Lunch Ladies

Bruce handing out goodiesAs Jordan School District lunch ladies gathered to prepare for the upcoming school year, they received a surprise visit from a local celebrity grocer. Bruce from Smith’s showed up and served up some fun, goodies and a good dose of laughter for the lunch ladies. It was part of their customer service celebration. Bruce offered his thoughts on delivering great customer service and even entertained the ladies by playing his popular trumpet!

Thanks to Bruce from Smith’s and to our fabulous lunch ladies for serving up a huge helping of kindness in our cafeterias every day.

West Jordan Middle Students Use Field Trip to Make Learning Fun

Students at Living Planet AquariumWest Jordan Middle School teacher Hiram Bertoch likes to inspire learning by thinking outside the common classroom. This year students in Mr. Bertoch’s Marine Biology program took advantage of several field trips to the Living Planet Aquarium to enhance their learning.

On their first visit, students studied the various ecosystems about the lake and did related experiments. On the second field trip, the students studied the various oceanic zones and how conditions in each zone impact the evolution and adaptations of living things that inhabit each zone. It was an awesome extension of the classroom that engaged students in learning.

Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Students Fast Track to Bright Futures Thanks to Special Program at JATC North

They are devoted to improving and saving lives, that’s just one reason why students study biotechnology at JATC North. It is a class that allows high school students to fast track their careers through a state initiative called the Medical Innovations Pathways Program. This pathway offers specialized courses and practical work experience to help students develop the skills needed by Utah’s most elite medical device and laboratory testing companies.

This year eight JATC North students completed the pathway and completed job shadows with local biotechnology companies, Sorenson Labs, Edwards Life Sciences and Nelson Labs.

Congratulations to Braylin Wandtke, Riley Kiny, Caleb Nokes, Brittney Chen, Lucas Perez, Emma Raguskus, Katy Smith Gish and Maggie Spencer.

These amazing students graduated with a Medical Innovations Pathways (MIP) certificate and now qualify for entry-level positions at industry partner organizations in Utah.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: 2018 Summer Projects in Full Swing

Construction in front of South Hills Middle SchoolIt is a race to the finish as crews work tirelessly to complete summer projects at a number of Jordan District schools before students and staff arrive back for a new school year. Here are some of the highlights.

  • South Hills Middle
    • Administrative office renovation and relocation
    • HVAC control upgrade
    • New LED lighting
    • Approximately 2000 square foot addition on the front of building
  • Rose Creek Elementary
    • Modifications and expansion of the north parking lot
    • Asphalt replacement on the south parking lot
  • Westland Elementary
    • Replace divider door between the gym and cafeteria
    • VCT replacement in gym and cafeteria
  • Bingham High
    • Chiller replacement
    • Replacement of four rooftop HVAC units
  • West Jordan High
    • Re-grading infield and approximately half of the outfield of baseball field
    • Replace infield dirt on baseball field
    • New scoreboard
  • Riverton High
    • Parking lot expansion adding approximately 52 new stalls
    • Additional parking lot lights
    • Fill in recessed commons area inside the building
  • Kauri Sue Hamilton School
    • Adding approximately 12,000 square foot two story addition to existing school
    • New outdoor playground
  • Transportation Facility
    • Modifications to parking lot for additional bus parking stalls
    • Power and natural gas stations for new parking stalls

Take a look at pictures from all of our summer projects on Facebook.

Copper Hills High Teacher Nominated for National LifeChanger of the Year Award

Rickee Stewart with StudentsShe has a passion for making sure students in need are taken care of in every way possible. Now Copper Hills High teacher, Rickee Stewart, is being recognized nationally for her big heart and hard work making a difference in the lives of students.

Ms. Stewart has been nominated for the prestigious National LifeChanger of the Year award. Each school year, Life Changer of the Year receives hundreds of nominations from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. From those nominations, 17 individual LifeChanger of the Year awards will be given out with the grand prize winner receiving $10,000 to be shared with their school.

Rickee Stewart worked tirelessly throughout the school year to raise money to meet the needs of students at Copper Hills High and even those in a neighboring school district. She was featured on the Rachael Ray Show and NBC Nightly News. As a result, donations came pouring into Copper Hills from around the world! Here is some of what this amazing educator collected for students.

  • 2,900 Brand New Coats
  • A $10,000 Donation from Burlington Stores
  • 20 Sleeping Bags
  • 20 Tents
  • Dozens of Brand New Shoes and Backpacks

Rickee Stewart is living proof that one person can make a positive difference and better the lives of students in need. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.