FUN FACT FRIDAY: Jordan Hills Elementary Opens Time Capsule and Finds 20-Year-Old Video!

Jordan Hills Elementary School celebrated its 20-year anniversary this week by opening a time capsule, which students and staff sealed when the school was dedicated back in 1998.

Inside the capsule, they found old photographs of some of the 1,070 students who attended on the very first day of school, a VHS tape, cassette tape, newspapers from 1998, a beanie baby and more.

But one of the most exciting finds in the time capsule was a video produced by students and staff on the first day of the school. It’s a video that had never been seen before – until now.

This is the 1998 video tour of Jordan Hills Elementary School, its students and staff.


High School Students Come Together to Create Inclusive Art

The American Sign Language (ASL) classes from Copper Hills and West Jordan High Schools teamed up to create animated graphics called GIFs. The animations tell stories through ASL and original student art. The students split into teams and partnered with the school’s art department to help them design and film the projects using paint and backgrounds. While working on the GIFs, each group was only allowed to use sign language to plan and execute their projects. The images use specific ASL grammar that has special meaning for those that are hearing impaired.

Great job students on creating inclusive art that everyone can appreciate.

Here are some of the student’s GIFs.

Two JSD Educators Receive 2018 Utah Teacher of the Year Awards!

Picture of Rebecca and Kerry They have a passion for teaching and helping students achieve at the highest levels. Now, these dedicated Jordan School District educators are being recognized by the Utah Council for the Social Studies.

South Hills Middle teacher, Rebecca Kirkman, has been selected as 2018 middle school Teacher of the Year for the Utah Council for the Social Studies.

Eastlake Elementary teacher, Kerry Simi, has been selected as 2018 elementary school Teacher of the Year for the Utah Council for the Social Studies.

Congratulations to these amazing teachers! Keep up the great work.

Final 2019-20 Boundaries

After reviewing considerable feedback and information gathered through public surveys and public hearings, the Board of Education developed and unanimously approved 2019-20 boundaries, which they called option D.

Here are the maps for the 2019-20 approved boundaries.

Please note the following regarding the final boundaries:

  • If there is no color on the map for your elementary school, then your school’s boundaries do not change.
  • Fox Hollow, Blackridge and South Jordan Elementary Schools will remain on a year-round calendar. All other elementary schools will be on a traditional calendar.
  • Majestic Elementary is scheduled to close after the 2019-20 school year, with future building use to be determined over the coming year.
  • An updated permit policy was also approved along with the guidelines posted below. More information will be e-mailed to parents in the coming days.
  • Fort Herriman, Oquirrh Hills, and South Hills Middle Schools will change boundaries to middle school transition boundaries for the 2019-20 school year, then to final middle school boundaries for the 2020-21 school year. Although these schools would experience two boundary changes, boundaries would only be moved once at most for each student.

For more information including survey results, please visit