Partnership Makes Important Safety Training Possible

S.W.A.T. members pose for a photo in full tactical gear. It was a two-day hands-on and information training made possible by a partnership with West Jordan City Police and the Utah Highway Patrol. The agencies came together with District safety and Emergency Operations personnel to conduct training for all JSD Transportation employees from bus drivers and support staff to mechanics. The training helped prepare everyone for challenging situations that may occur on a school bus and helped teach employees how best to handle those situations with the goal of a safe outcome for students and everyone involved.

Thank you to West Jordan Police, SWAT and members of the Utah Highway Patrol for helping to keep students, drivers, staff, parents and volunteers safe on our school buses.


FUN FACT FRIDAY: Class of 2019 Awarded Millions in Scholarships

Superintendent Johnson talking at a high school graduation.Students in the graduating class of 2019 are embarking on a new chapter in their young lives. Many are headed to colleges, universities and community colleges in Utah and across the United States. This year many of those graduates are also getting a little help along the way in the form of scholarships.

District-wide the class of 2019 was awarded a total of $30,222,126 in scholarships.

Thanks to our dedicated counselors and school leaders who helped students apply for and earn the scholarship money.

Congratulations graduates! Good luck in all your pursuits!

‘Summer History Academy’ Helps Teachers Bring Social Studies to Life

Teacher pose for a picture at 'Summer History Day'Jordan School District fifth and sixth-grade teachers participated in a day of workshops and activities during the ‘Summer History Academy’ at South Jordan Middle School. The 24 educators spent a week digging into the core curriculum, hands-on social studies lessons and new techniques for teaching current events. The academy is a way for teachers to learn from each other and bring new ideas into their classrooms.

The week ended with teachers ready and eager to use their new resources with their students in the fall!


Falcon Ridge Elementary Student Featured in National Publication

Picture of SarahIf you ask Sarah Bullock if it’s OK for kids to stay up late during school breaks – like summer break – she definitely has an opinion. Sarah, a Falcon Ridge Elementary School student shared that opinion with the April edition of ‘Scholastic News,’ and her opinion writing was published.

The article asked “Is It OK to Stay Up Late During School Breaks? One 4th grade student from Michigan replied, yes! Jared She said, in part, “When we’re not in school we deserve a break from our normal routine. It also gives us more time to spend with family.”

Falcon Ridge Elementary’s Sarah Bullock replied, no! Sarah said “during breaks, kids should stick to their usual bedtime. If you go to bed late and sleep in over break, your body will get used to that routine. Then it will be hard to get up early once school starts again. Plus, researchers have found that kids who go to bed after 9 p.m. are less likely to get enough rest. That can make you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It can also lead to health issues. I sometime get headaches if I stay up late.”

Keep up the great writing, Sarah and keep getting enough sleep!