Riverton High School Helps Disney Pilot Two New Plays

The theater department at Riverton High School is bringing two new Disney worlds to life with the pilot productions of ” Squirrel Girl Goes to College” and “Subatomic a Stature Play.” Last spring, Disney contacted Mr. Eaton and Ms. McGuire in the school’s Performing Arts Department about bringing two “secret” Marvel Comics projects to the stage. The challenge for staff was that they did not receive details about the productions or scripts until August 1st. After the performances, the high school’s theater department will report back to Disney and Marvel about the student’s experiences and how the audience reacted to the plays.

You can catch ” Squirrel Girl Goes to College” and “Subatomic a Stature Play” on Friday, September 13th at 7:00 pm and Saturday, September 16th at 7:00 pm at the Riverton High School Auditorium.

Mountain Point Elementary Celebrates the Unveiling of Their School Colors and Mascot

The new Mountain Point Elementary School in Bluffdale unveiled their school mascot and colors during a fun school-wide celebration. Dynasty Athletics dance group helped students open large wrapped boxes filled with balloons that revealed the new school colors of light blue, black and white. The new mascot, a puma, showed off the school’s new t-shirts that were donated by Hughes General Contractors. At the end of the assembly, each student was able to take home a T-shirt and other school swag.

Thank you to everyone who made today’s unveiling a success.

Wellness Wednesday: The Hopeful Journey of Suicide Prevention

CrisisLine & Mobile Outreach Team 801-587-3000
This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and in honor of this important cause, Wellness Wednesday will be focused on sharing resources for suicide prevention.

The most important message during this important week is that there is hope, there is help available, and there is healing for all individuals who may struggle with thoughts of hurting themselves. In fact, over 93% of people who have considered or tried taking their own life live among us. You see these people living happy, healthy lives around you every day. The overwhelming majority of people who have experienced that lowest point get better.

It’s important to be aware, informed, and cautious regarding suicide, but having open and caring conversations with those that we love and care about is a great place to start. Information and resources can be found regarding suicide prevention on our Wellness website, including this detailed pamphlet put together by one of our own community members.

Here are some upcoming events that community members should be aware of in support of suicide prevention. Please click the links for more information:

  • Sept. 14: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s “Out of the Darkness Walk” in Salt Lake City.
  • Sept. 17: Jordan Family Education Center will host a QPR Training for community members that would like to develop skills to intervene and recognize warning signs for suicide.
  • Sept. 18: Our Wellness Team will host a Youth Mental Health First Aid training for individuals interested in becoming more informed on mental health and how to help.

To download a detailed spreadsheet of all mental health providers in our Jordan District Community, instructions are included in the document.

If you have questions about specific resources for suicide, please email healthandwellness@jordandistrict.org.

We wish you the best this week and encourage each of you to connect with one another around the hopeful message that there is healing and help available for each of us.

Middle School Students Pay Tribute with “Sunrise Salute” on Patriot Day

Students and staff at South Jordan Middle School honored the memories of everyone impacted by the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks with a morning “Sunrise Salute.” The program featured Mr. Kidd’s Choir students singing patriotic songs with over a dozen local first responders in attendance. The salute also featured thoughts and memories from staff on this day 18 years ago.

Thank you, South Jordan Middle School, for showing gratitude to those who serve and protect us every day.

South Jordan City Mayor Visits JSD Schools for Upcoming Episode of ‘City Jobs with the Mayor’

Mayor Dawn Ramsey and a South Jordan Police officer talk with students in a classroom. South Jordan Mayor, Dawn Ramsey, recently took the time to visit South Jordan Elementary School and Bingham High School for something called City Jobs with the Mayor. It is a video series where the Mayor gets to know and participate in various jobs throughout her city. This upcoming segment will show how South Jordan City helps keep children safe throughout the school year. The video will focus on crossing guards, school resource and D.A.R.E. officers.

We appreciate communities like South Jordan working with Jordan School District to keep our students safe.

Thanks for stopping by Mayor Ramsey! We look forward to seeing the school safety episode of City Jobs with the Mayor.