Rose Creek Elementary (Year-round)

About Rose Creek Elementary

Rose Creek Elementary is located in the city of Riverton. The school’s mission is highlighted by a commitment to educational excellence. The school and community are dedicated to teaching, serving and meeting the needs of all students. High standards of academics and behavior enable Rose Creek students to achieve their full potential.

Rose Creek parents are encouraged to be involved in school. Teachers communicate regularly with parents through home contacts and parent/teacher conferences.

  • elem_rosecreek_logoRose Creek Elementary serves approximately 950 students on a year-round schedule. Students are divided into four attendance tracks. Typically, each track is in school for 45 days followed by 15 days of vacation. The school takes a common vacation in July.
  • Rose Creek Elementary was completed in July 1998. The library/media center is located in the middle of each classroom cluster. Classrooms are arranged to encourage interaction among teachers and can be reassigned by grade as the student population fluctuates.
  • The Rose Creek staff is well qualified. Teachers hail from many different states with a variety of backgrounds and specialty training.
  • Teachers work in teams in order to give students access to the best talents of each teacher.
  • The curriculum follows state and District guidelines and meets or exceeds all elementary requirements.
  • Rose Creek students are expected to develop academically and in personal responsibility by: 1) being at school and being on time, 2) doing good work and turning work in on time, and 3) obeying school rules, and showing courtesy and respect.
  • The resource program provides special help to students who are behind in math or reading. A guidance specialist is available to provide group or individual counseling. Speech therapy is also provided for students as necessary.
  • Rose Creek students have the opportunity to use computers as part of their regular curriculum.
  • The school benefits from a supportive, cooperative parent group. PTA officers and parent volunteers provide hours of service to the school each week.
  • Well-balanced meals are provided daily through the school’s hot lunch program. Reduced rate or free lunches are available to students in need.
  • Bus service is provided for students who live 1-1/2 miles or more from school.
  • Rose Creek has a before school strings and band program.
  • Rose Creek Elementary is striving to meet the needs of accelerated students. Problem solving and higher level thinking skills are introduced in every classroom.
  • Rose Creek is using Utah State Trust Lands grant funds to assist students in grades K-6 improve reading skills.
  • Teachers at Rose Creek follow the District Comprehensive Balanced Literacy program which develops students’ reading and writing skills in a literacy rich environment.
Student Achievement

The Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) is a collection of computer-adaptive assessments given to Utah students beginning in grade 3. SAGE assessments provide questions that assess students’ ability to apply higher-order thinking skills and better emulate real tasks students may encounter in education and in life.

SAGE assessments were developed through a joint effort on the part of Utah teachers, parents, test development experts, and the Utah State Office of Education. SAGE assessments provide information to assist in determining students’ educational progress towards being ready for college and careers upon completion of secondary school.

PACE is an acronym given to Utah’s 2013 ten-year education and economic development plan. The plan includes four main components: Prepare young learners, Access for all students, Complete certificates and degrees, and Economic success (PACE). PACE Accountability Reports provide information regarding a school’s progress towards achieving components of the Governor’s education and economic development plan.

In lower and middle grades, PACE Accountability Reports display information regarding kindergarten readiness and SAGE assessment results for grades 3, 6, and 8. At the high school level, SAGE reports include graduation rates, ACT results, and college credit earned concurrent enrollment, advanced placement (AP), career and technical education (CTE), and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Boundary Description

Begin at Bangerter Hwy. and 11800 S; east along 11800 S. (south side) to the Utah-Salt Lake Canal (approx. 2400 W.); south along the Utah-Salt Lake Canal (west side) to approx. 12200 S.; west along approx. 12200 S. (north side) to the Utah Lake Distributing Canal (approx. 3350 W.); south along the Utah Lake Distributing Canal (west side) to approx. 13400 S.; east along approx. 13400 S. (south side) to 2700 W.; south along 2700 W. (west side) to 13640 S.; east along 13640 S. (south side) to approx. 2500 W.; south along approx. 2500 W. (west side) to Bangerter Hwy.; northwest on Bangerter Hwy. (east side) to 11800 S.