October 27, 2020 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating South Hills Middle School
Thayne Ward, student body officer, said that South Hills Middle is a school like no other describing it as a safe, caring environment for life-long learners. He said the school’s Tiger Squad exists to foster friendships, acceptance and positive attitudes throughout the school. Thayne said there is a kind nature among students, teachers and staff at the school. Thayne also talked about the many strong programs at South Hills like performing arts where the school musical is a highlight each year and the Science Olympiad where students consistently compete with successful outcomes. He said student body officers are proud to represent South Hills Middle School.

Recommendation to Approve Proposed 2021-22 School Calendars
The Board approved the 2021-22 school calendars.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Superintendent of Schools, recognized Rae Boren as someone who stands out as an amazing educator and individual in Jordan School District. He said when you talk to Rae Boren, you come away feeling energized, like you can do anything. Rae has impacted countless lives in her 20 years as a teacher in JSD. The Superintendent told Board members that Ms. Boren was recognized by the Jordan Education Foundation as an Educator of the Year, selected as the Jordan School District Teacher of the Year and Utah Teacher of the Year runner-up.

The Superintendent also recognized members of the Jordan Education Foundation Board. He expressed appreciation for the work they do always looking for ways to help teachers using innovation and creativity. He said foundation board members are dedicated to working with Jordan School District and he thanked them for their time and commitment to education.

Superintendent Godfrey said it was fun traveling to every school in the District to personally thank custodians for the hard work being done in our schools and buildings, especially during the pandemic.

  • Patron Comments
  • Robyn Bullock, an employee, thanked several Board members for attending a recent JESPA meeting and listening to comments and concerns. She said Education Support Professionals are on the front lines in our schools and buildings during the pandemic doing amazing work, but often their work goes unnoticed. Ms. Bullock said it would be difficult for teachers to do their jobs without Education Support Professionals.
  • Kandi Tesen, a parent, said she understands the difficult position the District is in during the pandemic. She said more needs to be done to keep kids and teachers safe and asked the Board to dictate what is allowed to take place in our schools.
  • Blaine and Denise Johnson, parents, thanked Board members for their hard work and transparency. They support the at-home online learning because they say it is working well for their family.

Board Comments
Tracy Miller said she enjoyed listening to the Supercast episode on the “Wellness Room” at Monte Vista Elementary School. She visited the “Wellness Room” and says it is so beneficial for students and staff at the school. Ms. Miller also recognized the hard work of custodians in our schools and buildings during the pandemic.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed property and negotiations.

In open session, the Board reviewed and discussed a number of topics related to the pandemic plan including continuing the current school schedule and updating the procedure when COVID-19 cases increase in a school. They also discussed student body luncheons with the Board, the Licensed Educator Advisory Committee and what a future high school will look like.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Bryce Dunford, President – Precinct 5
Tracy J. Miller, Vice President – Precinct 3
Matthew Young, Secretary – Precinct 2
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
Marilyn Richards, Member – Precinct 4
Darrell Robinson, Member – Precinct 1
Janice L. Voorhies, Member – Precinct 6