July 27, 2021 Board Meeting Summary

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Anthony Godfrey attended the South Jordan Elementary School musical “Mary Poppins,” and said everyone did a great job. Superintendent Godfrey expressed pride in the Jordan Summer PREP program which was featured in the Deseret News as the “Photo of the Day” with the program’s student rocket launch. He reported the PREP program has expanded under the leadership of caring people. The Superintendent said he is now a member of the State PTA Executive Board as an administrative executive.

The Superintendent recognized Mike Haynes as the new Director of the Jordan Education Foundation. Mr. Haynes addressed the Board and said he is thrilled with his new position calling it his “dream job.” Mr. Haynes said the foundation is always looking for ways to support students and teachers in the classroom. He shared with the Board a six-year cash donation report for the Jordan Education Foundation.

Special Business Items
Superintendent Anthony Godfrey led a discussion on a legal analysis of the Board’s authority regarding pandemic decisions. The Board approved Amendment #2 to the Real Salt Lake Academy Charter increasing the school’s enrollment cap from 400 to 475.

  • Patron Comments
  • Priscilla Hewlet, along with a number of other parents, asked the Board to protect the mental health and wellness of children by not requiring the wearing of face masks in the upcoming school year.
  • Polina Latu, a parent, expressed her concern over parents losing their right to control what their children learn in the classroom.
  • Nakota Horne, a parent, said it is a parent’s job to teach values to children, not educators.
  • Patricia Parker, along with a number of parents, asked that the teaching of CRT not be allowed in classrooms.
  • Amy McKasson, a parent and employee, said she is worried about the health and well-being of employees and students. She encouraged vaccinations and the wearing of masks in schools.
  • Debra Carlson, a parent, said there is not enough scientific evidence to prove vaccinations are safe.
  • Shannon Golladay, said parents need to be given the opportunity to be more involved in District decisions.
  • Rebecca Colley, a parent and grandparent, expressed concern over PRC testing in schools.
  • Board Comments
  • Tracy Miller attended the South Jordan Elementary School performance of “Mary Poppins” and said it was fantastic.
  • Darrell Robinson recognized the Herriman High School Rugby team for winning the National Championship.
  • Jen Atwood thanked District Education Support Professionals for their hard work over the summer months.
  • Marilyn Richards reported on the Finance Committee which will be discussing policies regarding ethics in behavior reporting fraud and abuse. She said the committee is working on providing information for a potential bond and working on Board priorities for a finance audit.
  • Matt Young reported on the Facilities Committee which has been looking at the cost of unfunded bus routes and will not be recommending any changes to those routes at this time. He said the bus routes well.
  • Bryce Dunford reported on Phase III of the Bingham High School renovation, which may not be finished in time for the new school year because of supply shortages.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, and potential litigation.

In open session, the Board reviewed survey results regarding future growth in the District and discussed a hotline to report concerns of fraud and waste in accordance with State Board Rule R277-113. They discussed Administrative Policy AA410 Study of Controversial Issues, a legal analysis of Board Authority regarding pandemic decisions and pandemic related plans for the 2021-22 school year. The Board received an ESSER funding update and reviewed the TSSA 2021-22 plan process. They discussed Administrative Policy AS90 Drugs and Alcohol, Administrative Policy AA419 Student Conduct and Dress and Board Policy GP110 Public Participation at Board Meetings.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Video 1

Video 2

  1. STUDY SESSION – OPEN MEETING – Video 1: 32:55
    1. Summary Overview of Survey Results – Video 1: 33:47
    2. Discussion on Hotline in Accordance with State Board Rule R277-113 LEA Fiscal and Auditing Policies – Video 1: 1:13:29
    3. Discussion on Administrative Policy AA410 Study of Controversial Issues – Video 1: 2:03:45
    4. Discussion on Legal Analysis of Board Authority Regarding Pandemic Decisions – Video 1: 4:22:40
    5. Pandemic Update for 2021-22 School Year – Video 1: 5:47:41
    6. ESSER Funding Update – Video 2: 26:46
    7. Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) 2021-22 Plan Process Michael Anderson, Associate Superintendent – Video 1: 2:38:43
    8. Discussion on Administrative Policy AS90 Drugs and Alcohol – Video 1: 16:39:11
    9. Discussion on Administrative Policy AA419 Student Conduct and Dress – Video 2: 25:48
    10. Discussion on Board Policy GP110 Public Participation at Board Meetings – Video 2: 32:43
  2. GENERAL SESSION – OPEN MEETING – Video 1: 3:02:23
    1. Pledge of Allegiance Michael Anderson, Associate Superintendent – Video 1: 3:03:26
    2. Reverence Travis Hamblin, Director, Student Services – Video 1: 3:03:59
    3. Resolutions of Appreciations In Tribute to Viola Baker, Elwin Crandall and Wendy Wooley Stapel – Video 1: 3:04:54
    4. Recognitions – Video 1: 3:05:47
    5. Superintendent’s Recognition – Video 1: 3:10:30
    6. Comments by Elected Officials – Video 1: 3:17:03
    7. Patron Comments – Video 1: 3:17:13
  3. General Business – Motion to Approve Consent Agenda Items – Video 1: 4:04:36
    1. Board Minutes – Video 1: 4:04.43
    2. 2020-21 TSSA Plan Amendment for Westvale Elementary School – Video 1: 4:05:41
  4. General Business – Motion to Accept Consent Agenda – Video 1: 4:05:50
    1. Expenditures – Video 1: 4:06:30
    2. Financial Statements – Video 1: 4:06:30
    3. Personnel – Licensed and Classified – Video 1: 4:06:30
    4. Recommendation to Issue Certificates for Home Instruction – Video 1: 4:06:30
    5. Fraud Risk Management Report – Video 1: 4:07:18
  5. Bids – Video 1: 4:10:47
    1. Riverton High School – HP Chromebooks & Licenses – Video 1: 4:11:33
    2. Information Systems – HP Enterprises Equipment 4:12:11
    3. Facility Services/Security – Milestone Xprotect Security System – Video 1: 4:14:54
    4. Central Warehouse – Refrigerated Warehouse Truck – Video 1: 4:15:38
  6. Special Business Items – Video 1: 4:18:26
    1. Recommendation to Approve Amendment #2 to Real Salt Lake Academy Charter Tracy Miller, Board President – Video 1: 4:18:26
  7. Information Items – Video 1: 5:04:30
    1. Superintendent’s Report – Video 1: 5:04:38
  8. Discussion Items – Video 1: 5:06:09
    1. Committee Reports and Comments by Board Members – Video 1: 5:06:09
  9. Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session – Video 1: 5:33:43
    1. Character and Competence of Individuals (Personnel)
    2. Property
    3. Potential Litigation
    4. Negotiations
    5. Security
Board of Education
Tracy J. Miller, President – Precinct 3
Bryce Dunford, First Vice President – Precinct 5
Marilyn Richards, Second Vice President – Precinct 4
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
Niki George, Member – Precinct 6
Darrell Robinson, Member – Precinct 1
Matthew Young, Member – Precinct 2