Jan. 25, 2022 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating Copper Mountain Middle School
Student Body Officers said their school theme is “Don’t Judge, Be Curious,” saying they don’t judge each other based on appearances and try to make everyone feel comfortable at school. They talked about the amazing staff at Copper Mountain Middle School which helps to make everyone feel safe. The school charity was a massive food drive for the Utah Food Bank collecting more than 2,000 food items. The students talked about National Junior Honor Society and how it engages students in community service work. They also talked about the school newsletter and the many rigorous classes which challenge students every day. They said the Kindness Squad, SBO’s, Science Olympiad and other groups exist to make Copper Mountain Middle a better place. The students said ‘Colt of the Quarter’ recognizes student achievement at Copper Mountain Middle School.

South Jordan Mayor Dawn Ramsey, along with the Healthy South Jordan Coalition, recognized the Bingham High School Hope Squad as the first-ever recipient of the “Hero Award.” The award is given to those who promote health in all of its forms in South Jordan City.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Superintendent of Schools, recognized Josephina Swensen, the Majestic Arts Academy Family Literacy Center Assistant. He said Josephina is a true miracle worker who gives of her time and service with a big heart to make sure the needs of students and families in the Majestic community are taken care of throughout the year. The Superintendent honored Josephina for her amazing work helping to grow and support the GED program for adults and parents, calling her an incredible leader. Ms. Swensen thanked Dr. Godfrey for the recognition saying it takes a village to do the work being done at Majestic.

The Superintendent expressed thanks the Jordan Ethnic Advisory Committee (JEAC) for moving things forward in a thoughtful way and said it is some of the most rewarding and impactful work being done.

The Superintendent thanked students, parents, teachers and staff who supported the virtual days last week. He acknowledged concerns about Second Step and said progress is being made toward changes to address parent concerns. Despite this being the most difficult year in education, the Superintendent said some amazing things are happening in the District.

Information Items
The Jordan Ethnic Advisory Committee presented regarding the progress being made on their vision to embrace and build cultural awareness. Members said they are proud to be a part of the advisory committee and said their members represent cultures from all over the world. The committee is working hard to achieve the goal of successfully educating all students through equity, understanding and inclusion and members want to grow a clear understanding of diversity throughout JSD. They are hoping to increase parent engagement and increase a more diverse faculty and staff. They expressed a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of all students. Matt Young said he is profoundly grateful for JEAC members for being part of a journey which will make JSD better. He thanked committee members for their kindness and frankness and said it has been an honor to work with the committee.

  • Patron Comments
  • Kierstin Glenn, a parent, said it is a pleasure to attend Board meetings. She said while she is grateful the District is working to fight racism and bigotry, she has some concerns regarding the new diversity presentations in middle schools and suggest replacing the program.
  • Angie Martin, a parent, expressed concerns about the Second Step Program which she believes does not put parents first in problem-solving with their students.
  • Nicole Christoffersen, a parent, suggested the Board create a parent committee to help solve problems and find solutions throughout the District.
  • Heather Hardle, a parent, expressed concerns regarding mask mandates and social emotional learning in schools.
  • Rebecca Gilspie, a parent, expressed concerns about the Second Step Program and said the District can do better than this program.
  • Jolene Phelps, a parent, thanked the Board for mask mandate exemptions and said she is very impressed by caring teachers and staff throughout the District.
  • Amy McKasson, a parent, asked the Board to consider more mitigation strategies to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in our schools. She thanked the Board for the recent virtual days.
  • Board Comments
  • Tracy Miller thanked the Herriman High School students who she said did an outstanding job presenting at the JSD Legislative Breakfast. She also thanked the HHS Chamber Choir for their performance and for Board member participation in the Legislative Breakfast. Ms. Miller congratulated JSD middle school students who participated in the 2021-22 All State Junior High Band.
  • Bryce Dunford reported on the Facilities Committee which is working on plans for schools on the watch list. He said the committee would like to receive all property exchange information before it is sent to the Board.
  • Darrell Robinson visited Copper Mountain Middle School to observe the social emotional learning that is taking place. He reminded everyone that there will be a Community Chinese New Year Dinner and Celebration with dual immersion students at Herriman High School on February 2.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property, potential litigation, and negotiations.

In open session, the Board discussed Herriman City’s infrastructure improvements for the new elementary school being built in Herriman. They also discussed proposed changes to AS66 Non-Resident and Charter School Enrollment, Board Policies GP113 Board Committee Principles and GP114 Board Affiliated Committees, and challenges or problems Board members would like to solve. The Board discussed potential plans for supporting the health and wellness of employees and students and received a pandemic response update.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

  1. Study Session – Open Meeting – 29:37
    1. Follow-up Discussion on Infrastructure by Herriman City for the New Elementary School in Herriman – 1:16:59
    2. Discussion of Proposed Changes to AS66 Non-Resident and Charter School Enrollment – 30:26
    3. Discussion on Board Policies GP113 Board Committee Principles and GP114 Board Affiliated Committees – 43:24
    4. Continued Discussion on Challenges or Problems Board Members Would Like to Solve – 46:12
    5. Discussion on the Health and Wellness of Employees and Students – Potential Plans for Support – 1:26:53
    6. Update on Pandemic Response – 2:08:25
  2. General Session – Open Meeting – 2:58:07
    1. Pledge of Allegiance – 2:59:42
    2. Reverence – 3:01:10
    3. Presentation – Celebrating Copper Mountain Middle School – 3:02:59
    4. Resolutions of Appreciation – 3:10:07
    5. Recognitions – 3:11:00
    6. Superintendent’s Recognition – 3:21:35
    7. Comments by Elected Officials – South Jordan Community Coalition Heroes Award – 3:14:53
  3. General Business – Approve Consent Agenda – 3:34:46
    1. Minutes
    2. Evaluations of Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Superintendent of Schools, and Mr. John Larsen, Business Administrator for Jordan School District
  4. General Business – Accept Consent Agenda – 3:36:00
    1. Expenditures
    2. Personnel – Licensed and Education Support Professionals
    3. Financial Statements
    4. Certificates for Home Instruction
    5. Non-compliance Report
  5. Bids – 3:36:31
    1. Information Systems – E-Rate Network and Wireless Access Point Upgrade
    2. Superintendent – Classroom A/V Upgrades and Camera Solutions
    3. Superintendent – Network Support & Cabling Upgrades
    4. Bingham High School – Classroom Furniture
  6. Patron Comments – 3:52:03
    1. Patron Comments
  7. Special Business Items – 4:16:52
    1. Recommendation to Approve Potential Updates to Administrative Policy DA165 Apprenticeship Program – Facility Services Department
    2. Recommendation to Approve Potential Revisions to Administrative Policy DP309 Salary Guidelines
    3. Recommendation to Approve Board Policies GP113 Board Committee Principles and GP114 Board Affiliated Committees
  8. Information Items – 4:23:26
    1. Jordan Ethnic Advisory Committee (JEAC) Presentation
    2. Superintendent’s Report
  9. Discussion Items – 4:50:08
    1. Committee Reports and Comments by Board Members
  10. Adjourn – 5:07:08
    1. Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
  11. Potential Closed Session
    1. Character and Competence of Individuals (Personnel)
    2. Property
    3. Potential Litigation
    4. Negotiations
    5. Security

Board of Education
Tracy J. Miller, President – Precinct 3
Bryce Dunford, First Vice President – Precinct 5
Marilyn Richards, Second Vice President – Precinct 4
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
Niki George, Member – Precinct 6
Darrell Robinson, Member – Precinct 1
Matthew Young, Member – Precinct 2