March 21, 2023 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating West Hills Middle School
Anabelle Leek, West Hills Middle School SBO President, said at West Hills students are the light and they rise up, but they are not alone. She said they have a focus on connection and higher learning academically. Every day begins with a connections class where students have a chance to transition between home life and school life, connecting through a variety of activities with teachers and students before classes begin. Anabelle said leadership groups at the school work hard to unite everyone and they have a variety of after school activities. Students are encouraged to be safe, respectable, and responsible. She said the school is proud of the growth rate in passing grades and reading scores. Anabelle concluded by saying West Hills is the “Best Hills,” where everyone is united, intentional and curious.

Region 6 PTA presented State and Region Reflection Award winners sharing a video highlighting the 18 State winners from Jordan School District. This year’s theme was “Show Your Voice.”

The winners are:

  • Seth Andrewsen – Rose Creek Elementary, Photography Excellence
  • Bridger Pedroza – Bingham High, Literature Excellence
  • Rush Simmons – Monte Vista Elementary, Art Excellence
  • Emmaline Farley – Riverton Elementary, Photography Merit
  • Audrey McDonald – Foothills Elementary, Music Composition Merit
  • Clara Bradford – Falcon Ridge Elementary, Music Composition Merit
  • Elliot Johns – Westland Elementary, Music Composition Merit
  • Hayley Church – South Jordan Middle, Music Composition Merit
  • Isaac Turley – Mountain Ridge High, Music Composition Merit
  • Nisa Jenkins – Oquirrh Hills Middle, Visual Art Merit
  • Parker Osborne – Welby Elementary, Honorable Mention
  • Nicholas Fillmore – Westland Elementary, Film Production Honorable Mention
  • Austin Graff – Hidden Valley Middle School, Film Production Honorable Mention
  • Alyson McDougal – West Jordan High, Film Production Honorable Mention
  • Olivia Caceres – Bastian Elementary, Dance Choreography Honorable Mention
  • Brynlee Ericson – Jordan Ridge Elementary, Dance Choreography Honorable Mention
  • Abigail Sloan – Bastian Elementary, 3D Visual Art Honorable Mention
  • Alivia Millet – Hayden Peak Elementary, Literature Honorable Mention

Special Business Items
The Board approved the 2023-24 student fee schedule, the settlement agreement in vaping litigation involving JUUL and a land purchase in West Jordan for a future elementary school.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr.  Anthony Godfrey, Superintendent of Schools, said it has been really exciting to attend the Jordan Education Foundation’s “Outstanding Educator of the Year” award visits to all schools in the District. He said Meredith Doleac is very deserving of the “Principal of the Year” award, and she has done a tremendous job operating the largest elementary school in the State. Dr. Godfrey thanked the PTA for their hard work with “Reflections,” which he said is very valuable for students. The Superintendent attended the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) conference and said Jordan School District was very well represented and it was a great conference.

Superintendent Godfrey thanked the Board for their time spent reviewing and considering the 2023 summer projects.

Elected Official Comments
Senator Lincoln Fillmore thanked the PTA for nurturing his son’s talents in the Arts and thanked the District for the many opportunities afforded to students in the Arts.

  • Patron Comments
  • Marsha Willcock, an employee, said she felt devalued over the new math curriculum presentation during the Board study session. Ms. Willcock said she is a modern-day math teacher and the data shows what is being taught in math at Elk Ridge Middle School is working.
  • Jessica Cadena, an employee, said the District’s school closure policy is taking a big emotional toll on teachers being impacted by the closure of West Jordan Elementary School. She said the closure process has taken away a sense of job security and she asked the Board to revise the policy to make the process less stressful on teachers trying to find new jobs.
  • Laura Nelson, an employee, thanked the Board for the time they devote to teachers and education. She thanked Superintendent Godfrey for giving math teachers a choice in how they teach math. She said teachers need to know more about the new math curriculum and she believes math is the favorite subject for students at Elk Ridge Middle School.
  • Lynsey Allred, an employee, said she has been a math teacher for 17 years and expressed frustration over the process to adopt a new math curriculum.
  • Johnathan Lawes, an employee, asked Board members to give math teachers the opportunity to learn more about the new math curriculum. He said teachers are not passionate about their current math curriculum because they created it, but because it works.
  • Heather Toponce, a teacher, thanked the Board for their work. She said she felt blindsided by the decision to change math curriculum in the District.
  • Cynthia Gumeson, a teacher, expressed concerns regarding adoption of the new math curriculum and the timeline for implementation. Ms. Gumeson believes there was a lack of transparency.
  • Brynn Spitzer, a teacher, expressed concern regarding the new math curriculum saying teachers did not have enough time to research and understand the new curriculum.
  • Kathleen Frandsen, a Draper resident, thanked the Board for their service but expressed concern over the new math curriculum.
  • Board Comments
    Tracy Miller attended the Unified Sports Basketball Tournament at Copper Hills High School and said it was great to see everyone coming together in sport. She attended the Mountain Creek Middle School Inclusion Assembly and the awards ceremony for the District Middle School Art Show where she said it was great to recognize winners.
  • Niki George said it was fun attending West Hills Middle School’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” She congratulated the JATC South EMT class for winning the top three places at state competition and wished them well moving on to national competition. Ms. George said it was awesome to see Jordan School District named Special Olympics Unified Sports District of the Year.
  • Marilyn Richards attended Elk Ridge Middle School’s production of “Seussical the Musical” and West Hills’ production of “Beauty and the Beast,” applauding the talents of so many students and the work of administrators and staff for making the musicals possible. Ms. Richards attended five School Community Council meetings, enjoyed the SBO luncheon, and joining the Jordan Education Foundation as the group visited schools awarding Outstanding Educator of the Year awards.
  • Lisa Dean attended the Joel P. Jensen Literacy Night which she described as very successful, the Oquirrh Elementary STEM night, and West Jordan Middle School Culture Celebration calling it amazing. She also attended Majestic Elementary Arts Academy Art Fest and said it was fantastic. Ms. Dean recognized West Jordan High’s Brandt Haberman who was named “Counselor of the Year” for the Wasatch Front School Counselor Fair, and recognized March as “Music in Our Schools Month” thanking everyone for their hard work and support for music education. Ms. Dean thanked Dr. Godfrey and Cody Curtis for developing a plan which ensures instrumental music programs thrive in our schools. She said it shows a real commitment to quality music education.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property, potential litigation, and negotiations. In open session, the Board received a presentation on math programs being implemented, discussed full-day kindergarten and reviewed 2023 summer projects. The Board continued a discussion on Board Policy E404 Safety and Security.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

  1. Study Session – 10:21
    1. Math Presentation – 11:25
    2. Discussion on Full-day Kindergarten – 5:10:10
    3. Summer 2023 Project Review – 1:52:40
    4. Continued Discussion on Board Policy E404 Safety and Security – 5:30:42
  2. General Session – 2:44:23
    1. Pledge of Allegiance – 2:46:07
    2. Reverence – 2:47:22
    3. Presentation – Celebrating West Hills Middle School – 2:48:28
    4. Resolutions of Appreciation – 2:55:08
    5. Recognitions – Region 6 PTA Reflections Awards – 2:55:56
    6. Board Recognitions – 3:10:25
    7. Superintendent’s Recognitions – 3:19:04
  3. Public Comments – 3:22:30
    1. Comments by Elected Officials
    2. Patron Comments
  4. General Business – Approve Consent Agenda – 3:54:37
    1. Board Minutes
    2. 2021-22 School LAND Trust Final Reports
    3. Majestic Elementary School – 2022-23 School LAND Trust Plan Amendment
    4. LEA-Specific Educator Licensing
  5. General Business – Accept Consent Agenda – 3:55:18
    1. Expenditures
    2. Financial Statements
    3. Personnel – Licensed and Education Support Professionals
    4. Certificates for Home Instruction
    5. Non-compliance Report
  6. Bids – 3:55:45
    1. Facility Services – Bleacher Replacement at Copper Hills High School
    2. Facility Services – Bleacher Replacement at Riverton High School
    3. Facility Services – Kitchen HVAC Remodel at Riverton Elementary School
    4. Facility Services – Parking Lot Replacement at West Jordan High School
    5. Facility Services – Remodel at Valley High School
    6. Facility Services – Remodel/Phase V at Bingham High School
    7. Facility Services – Playground Pit Soft Fall Material Replacement
    8. Facility Services – State Fuel Network Upgrades for Transportation
    9. Information Systems – E-Rate Network & Wireless Access Point Upgrade
  7. Special Business Items – 4:42:50
    1. Recommendation to Approve Student Fee Schedule 2023-24
    2. Consideration to Approve Settlement Agreement in Vaping Litigation Involving JUUL
    3. Recommendation to Approve Land Purchase in West Jordan for Future Elementary School
  8. Information Items – 4:52:26
    1. Superintendent’s Report
  9. Discussion Items – 4:53:16
    1. Committee Reports and Comments by Board Members
  10. Adjourn – 5:31:40
    1. Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
  11. Potential Closed Session
    1. Character and Competence of Individuals (Personnel)
    2. Property
    3. Potential Litigation
    4. Negotiations
    5. Security
Board of Education
Tracy J. Miller, President – Precinct 3
Niki George, First Vice President – Precinct 6
Darrell Robinson, Second Vice President – Precinct 1
Brian W. Barnett, Member – Precinct 2
Lisa Dean, Member – Precinct 7
Bryce Dunford, Member – Precinct 5
Marilyn Richards, Member – Precinct 4