April 25, 2023 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating West Jordan Middle School
West Jordan Middle School student body officers talked about what an amazing school they attend, with supportive teachers, staff, administrators and students. The school theme is “You Matter & You Belong,” where students feel valued, supportive and encouraged to connect. West Jordan Middle is a school which empowers students and they follow the motto of P.R.I.D.E., be prepared with positive attitudes and set goals for success. Be resilient by staying tough when faced with difficult challenges. They say Inclusivity is a focus at West Jordan Middle School and everyone prides themselves in the diverse student body and clubs, which represent different cultures and backgrounds of students. There are 50 different after-school activities offered at West Jordan Middle School. Determination and drive are instilled in students every day, and they are empowered to make decisions that will lead to success.

Ms. Sonja Delaney, director of Region 6 PTA; Cammy Whitchurch, assistant director; and Ann Howden, awards specialist, recognized the following individuals who received PTA awards:

  • Outstanding School Administrator
    • Joel Pullan, Riverton Elementary
    • Curtis Jensen, South Jordan Middle
    • Sally Wilde, Bingham High
  • Advocacy Award
    • William Howell, Riverton Elementary
    • Outstanding Elementary Educator
    • Gina Nokes, Riverton Elementary
    • Jayson Hassler, Mountain Shadows Elementary
    • Leslie Probert, Jordan Ridge Elementary
    • Rex Prescott, Foothills Elementary
  • Engagement Award
    • Katie Fuller, Riverton Elementary
    • McKenna Christensen, Foothills Elementary
    • William Howell, Riverton Elementary
  • Inclusivity Award
    • Casey Blohm, South Jordan Middle
    • Heather Smith, Bingham High
    • Heidi Rivera, Riverton Elementary
  • Outstanding Secondary Educator
    • Kelly DeHaan Mountain Ridge High
    • Melinda VanKomen, Riverton High
    • Shawn Kidd, South Jordan Middle
    • Taunia Bean, Bingham High
  • Spirit of PTA Award
    • Amy Andrewsen, Mountain Shadows Elementary
    • Hillary Moser, Westland Elementary
    • Kayci Richins, Riverton Elementary
    • Katie Fuller, Riverton Elementary
    • McKenna Christensen, Foothills Elementary
    • Todd Hougaard, Bingham High
  • Outstanding Support Staff
    • Ann Fritz, South Jordan Middle
    • Geovanni Perez, Jordan Ridge Elementary
    • Marinda Jelinek, Mountain Shadows Elementary
    • Marinda Quist, Bingham High
    • Paul Hansen, Riverton Elementary
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award
    • Amy Dimick, Foothills Elementary
    • Desiree VanDyke, South Jordan Middle
    • Jennifer Christensen, Monte Vista Elementary
    • Kayci Richins, Riverton Elementary
    • Loraine Holman, Bingham High
  • Ms. Delaney also presented the following individuals with State PTA awards:
    • Jason Hassler, Mountain Shadows Elementary School, Outstanding Administrator
    • Rex Prescott, Foothills Elememtary School, Outstanding Elementary Educator
    • Melinda VanKomen, Riverton High, Outstanding Secondary Educator
    • Kelly DeHaan, Mountain Ridge High School, Involvement Award
    • Hillary Moser, Oquirrh Elementary, Spirit of PTA Award
    • Katie Fuller, Riverton Elementary, Engagement Award

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Superintendent of Schools, thanked the Jordan Youth Symphony for their wonderful performance and for everyone who puts in the time and effort to make it such a successful event and experience where students have a sense of belonging. Dr. Godfrey said he appreciates the PTA and their efforts to recognize students and staff. The Superintendent said the PTA helps Jordan do some things that simply could not be done without them. He also thanked the Jordan Education Foundation for hosting a banquet to recognize “Outstanding Educators of the Year.” He said Westland Elementary School has been given a “Purple Star” designation from the State, which is a national program recognizing schools with support structures for military families.

  • Elected Official Comment
  • Representative Ken Ivory said he is grateful for Board member service. He expressed concern regarding age-appropriate materials in Jordan District schools. Representative Ivory believes there are far too many books in JSD schools that are not age appropriate and he asked the Board to work together with him to make sure schools are the safest places on earth.
  • Riverton City Mayor Trent Staggs said he appreciates the service on behalf of Board members saying the District has worked together with the city in the past to improve safety for kids. He asked that everyone work together again to address concerns regarding inappropriate books/materials in Jordan schools.
  • Patron Comments
  • Kristin Flandro, a parent, thanked Board members for their time and service. She expressed concern over sensitive books in Jordan schools and asked the Board to revisit the District’s Sensitive Materials Policy.
  • Riverside Elementary School students expressed concern over the 15 minutes they are allowed for lunch saying that is not enough time to eat the nutritious food that is served and too much goes to waste because of a lack of time to eat. They asked the Board to consider extending the time allowed for lunch at Riverside Elementary School.
  • Emma Nordquest, a student, asked the Board to consider remodeling Joel P. Jensen Middle School to enhance the learning experience. Emma provided a petition with 150 signatures saying the school built in 1984 is no longer conducive to a great learning environment.
  • Board Comments
  • Tracy Miller attended school musicals at Oakcrest Elementary School and Kauri Sue Hamilton and thanked everyone who puts so much time and extra effort into making them a success, including teachers, staff, and parents. Ms. Miller was a “Miner Tank” judge at Bingham High School, which she described as a great experience and attended the High School Art Show awards night. Ms. Miller reminded everyone that the Jordan Education Foundation Challenge Run is on May 13.
  • Niki George said it was great to see such innovation in the school musical at Kauri Sue Hamilton and was blown away by the talent in Oakcrest Elementary School’s production of “Annie.”
  • Darrell Robinson said he is planning a ground-breaking event for the new “Flex School” in Herriman on May 24.
  • Lisa Dean enjoyed a 4th grade field trip to “This is the Place” State Park and thanked everyone who helps to make the experiences possible. She attended Columbia STEM night and thanked the PTA for all the hard work they put into school fundraising. Ms. Dean congratulated West Jordan Middle School for their very successful school Art Show with approximately 300 entries. She also attended the musical production at Kauri Sue Hamilton and congratulated everyone involved to make the experience possible for students with varying needs saying it is wonderful to see such love for students. Ms. Dean also reported on a Salt Lake County Parks and Rec meeting where they discussed a Master Plan. She suggested the Board work with the county on establishing an education center somewhere in the District.
  • Marilyn Richards reported on the Facilities Committee which will be meeting next week regarding a summer projects list.
  • Bryce Dunford reported that the Finance Committee will be considering raising school lunch prices which have not been raised in 14 years. He also reported on the LEAC (Licensed Employee Advisory Committee) meeting which was a marvelous opportunity for teachers to speak and give input.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property, potential litigation, and negotiations.

In open session, the Board received follow-up information on Portrait of a Graduate and recommendations for the 2024-25 calendar. The Board reviewed updates to Policy E404 Safety and Security and discussed an exception request fo Administrative Policy AA414 Student Overnight Travel.
Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

  1. Study Session – 8:24
    1. Portrait of a Graduate Follow Up – 8:59
    2. Calendar Committee Recommendations for 2024-25 – 51:08
    3. Review of Updates to Board Policy E404 Safety and Security – 1:52:25
    4. Exception Request to Administrative Policy AA414 Student Overnight Travel – 1:55:11
  2. Jordan Youth Symphony –
    1. Jordan Youth Symphony Performance
  3. General Session – 2:43:26
    1. Flag Ceremony and Pledge of Allegiance – 2:44:01
    2. Reverence – 2:48:22
    3. Presentation – Celebrating West Jordan Middle School – 2:49:27
    4. Resolutions of Appreciation – 3:01:19
    5. Recognitions – Region 6 PTA Awards – 3:02:11
    6. Superintendent’s Recognitions – 3:19:09
  4. Public Comments – 3:21:45
    1. Comments by Elected Officials
    2. Patron Comments
  5. General Business – Approve Consent Agenda – 3:44:52
    1. Board Minutes
    2. 2022-23 School LAND Trust Plan Amendment for Hidden Valley Middle School
    3. Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) Plans for 2023-24
    4. School LAND Trust Plans for 2023-24
  6. General Business – Accept Consent Agenda – 3:48:49
    1. Expenditures
    2. Financial Statements
    3. Personnel – Licensed and Education Support Professionals
    4. Certificates for Home Instruction
    5. Non-compliance Report
  7. Bids – 3:49:33
    1. Mountain Ridge High School – HP Chromebooks & Licenses
    2. Custodial Services – Refinishing & Repair of Wood Floors
    3. Facility Services – Rooftop Unit Replacement at Oquirrh Hills Middle School
    4. Facility Services – Carpet Replacement at JATC North
    5. Teaching & Learning – Consulting Services for Portrait of a Graduate and Districtwide Strategic Plan
  8. Special Business Items – 4:07:25
    1. BUDGET HEARING: Recommendation to Approve Amended Budget for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year
    2. Recommendation to Approve Proposed Revisions to Board Policy E404 Safety and Security
  9. Information Items – 4:24:54
    1. Superintendent’s Report
  10. Discussion Items – 4:26:29
    1. Committee Reports and Comments by Board Members
  11. Adjourn – 4:38:18
    1. Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
  12. Potential Closed Session
    1. Character and Competence of Individuals (Personnel)
    2. Property
    3. Potential Litigation
    4. Negotiations
    5. Security
Board of Education
Tracy J. Miller, President – Precinct 3
Niki George, First Vice President – Precinct 6
Darrell Robinson, Second Vice President – Precinct 1
Brian W. Barnett, Member – Precinct 2
Lisa Dean, Member – Precinct 7
Bryce Dunford, Member – Precinct 5
Marilyn Richards, Member – Precinct 4