Copper Hills High School Girls Wrestling Team Finished First in State Competition

Copper Hills High School Wrestling Team holding their state trophyCopper Hills High School’s Girls Wrestling team recently took home a 6A state title championship after coming in second last year. The team had seven girls advance to the semifinals, with two making it to the finals. Scott Pace, the team’s coach, was recently quoted in the Deseret News saying, “Where we actually won state was with those girls who battled back for fourth place and third place. That is where we got the points that put us over the top.” Also notable is Senior Brooklyn Pace, who took home her 4th individual state championship win, finishing her high school sports career.

Congratulations to the Copper Hills High School Girls Wrestling team for their impressive stat championship win this year.

South Valley Students and Staff “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” in Annual Talent Show

They shine bright each and every day, but during the school’s annual talent show, students and staff at South Valley were shining brighter than ever. The theme of this show was Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” and the day started with student body officers singing the theme song.

Student art was on display and many genres of music were represented such as pop, country and rock. Several students also used South Valleys Ben-Q smartboard to demonstrate their drawing abilities, their singing, and hidden abilities-like being able to name countries on a world map.

DJ Max kept the party going as usual, supplying the music to accompany all the showcased talents. The South Valley cheerleading squad performed a routine and halfway through the show, school staff surprised students with a flash mob, lip syncing to their favorite 90’s boy band, Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Away.”

It was an amazing day for students and staff to shine bright like diamonds. Thanks to our student body, staff, and parents for cheering everyone on in their amazing display of talents.

School Bus Driver Hailed as Hero for Saving Young Lives After Motorist Ignores Activated School Bus Stop Arm

It was a split-second decision on the part of a driver that could have cost multiple young lives. A driver ignored a school bus stop arm which was activated, racing by just as elementary school students were about to cross the street, at a school bus stop. It was a tragedy averted by a quick-thinking school bus driver, Joey Skelton, who saw the car coming and immediately signaled to the students they had to stop.

Cari Minnesota, a grandmother who witnessed the entire incident with her grandchild as they were about to cross the street spoke to the media with an emotional message on Friday. Ms. Minnesota was joined by Stacy Johnson, a parent, whose child was there at the time of the incident. Both women say the bus driver saved lives that day and students who were taught to follow the rules helped to keep themselves safe as well. Some of the students at the bus stop that day gave Joey Skelton a card thanking him for looking out for students, life savers for saving their lives, and some fun school bus driver socks.

Jordan School District Director of Transportation, Paul Bergera, also spoke to reporters telling them that each year there are more than 100,000 school bus stop arm violations in the State of Utah. Everyone who spoke said they worry that if more isn’t done to stop the stop arm violations, lives will be lost.

Thank you to our community partners who were there to support safety around school buses:

  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Zero Fatalities
  • UDOT
  • Utah Association of Pupil Transportation

Community Gathers to Celebrate the Chinese New Year, “Year of the Dragon,” and Student Success in Chinese Dual Language Immersion

It was a night of song, dance, simply delicious food, games, and family fun. Herriman High School hosted a huge Chinese New Year Celebration involving Dual Language Immersion (DLI) students from elementary, middle, and high schools, along with Chinese college-level students from Utah State, the University of Utah, and BYU. There were interactive cultural exhibits and displays offering a chance for everyone to see what students on all levels are learning in Chinese DLI.

Students performed on stage, giving attendees a chance to become immersed in Chinese culture as they all celebrated the “Year of the Dragon.”

Blackridge Elementary School Teachers Create Magical Hogwarts Experience

The imaginative and creative minds of the third-grade teaching team at Blackrige Elementary School were on display all week as they transformed the hallways and classrooms into scenes straight from the novel series “Harry Potter.” The yearly “Fantasy Week” tradition has become an annual labor of love for the school’s staff. They spend countless hours before and after school creating lesson plans and building scenes to transport their students’ imaginations to the fictional Hogwarts School of Magic.

From classrooms wrapped in castle-like decor to wands and broomsticks hanging on the walls, this year’s events were an experience students will never forget. The third graders eagerly attended potions class, where they learned the art of concocting magical brews, and the students received their very own wand, a tangible symbol of their journey into the wizarding realm. And, of course, no homage to Harry Potter would be complete without engaging in a thrilling game or two of Quidditch.

In a delightful surprise, Superintendent Godfrey made a grand entrance, dressed as the esteemed Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. His presence brought an extra touch of magic to the event as he playfully stepped in to save the students from the strict rules imposed by Dolores Umbridge, the villainous temporary Headmistress of Hogwarts.

We cannot praise the third-grade teaching team enough for their commitment and efforts in creating a ‘Fantasy Week,’ which left a lasting impression on students and staff alike. Let us all raise our wands in admiration and say, “Well done, wizards of Blackridge Elementary School!”