West Hills Middle Students Impress Judges in “We the People” Event

Students presenting to judgesWest Hills Middle School 8th graders recently participated in the nationwide ‘We the People’ event, which spotlights Constitutional history, law and civics. The event combines knowledge of the Constitution, while defending their beliefs, rights and roles as U.S. citizens.

The students were judged by what some called an “all-star” team of volunteer judges from the community. The panel of judges included local lawmakers, Board of Education members, school district administrators, parents and a former Utah congressman. The U.S. history students worked in 12 cooperative teams to present statements before the panel. The community members acted as congressional committee members, listening to the students and asking questions.

Each team was assigned a specific topic and question to answer. Students presented on their topic, and then answered follow-up questions by the volunteer panelists. Students were scored on their presentation skills, research and preparedness on everything from the Philadelphia Convention to equal representation and freedom of speech.

The highest-scoring team overall received an average score of 57 out of 60 points on their presentation for Unit 1. Those team members were Ginny Clegg, Ellie Luker, Courtney Reading, and Dallin Wilde.

All teams will now compete at the District level ‘We the People’ competition on Jan. 31.

Thanks to the distinguished panel of judges for volunteering their time and helping to make the event a success.

Congratulations to all the students who participated for their hard work on this project!

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How to KEEP New Year’s Resolutions

A notepad with pen ready to write resolutionsWillpower or “trying harder” is not enough to keep us on track toward our goals. Last week we provided a few ideas to make our resolutions easier to stick with, this week we will discuss ways to make them more enjoyable.

One strategy is called “temptation bundling.” If we bundle or combine something that we enjoy with the behavior we are trying to motivate, it can make the change more enjoyable. If you are trying to create a new exercise habit, first find an exercise routine that you actually enjoy! If that’s still hard to find, pick a habit or routine you DO enjoy, one that you can combine with your new exercise routine. This could be a specific type of audiobook or TV show that you can only listen to or watch while doing your new exercise until you get used to it. It could also be a specific food that you reward yourself with after the exercise or a certain friend or person you don’t get to see often that you can exercise with.

It’s important to find some way to combine what you enjoy with what you are trying to do, otherwise you won’t last more than a few weeks with these important new goals you’ve set!

We hope you are enjoying your new, healthier routines to kick off 2020!

Principal McLeod Gets First Look Inside New Hidden Valley Middle School

Principal Sean McLeod standing with open arms. It will open for the upcoming 2020-21 school year and already, Hidden Valley Middle School’s Principal Shawn McLeod cannot wait to welcome students, faculty and staff. Mr. McLeod got his first look inside the school, which is currently under construction in Bluffdale across the street from Mountain Point Elementary School. Mr. McLeod is very impressed with all the ways Hidden Valley Middle is being built with technology in mind.

Construction work is being done in phases and the majority of the school is now enclosed. The roof is finished and some crews are working on plumbing and electricity while others are completing window installation. The office area is already painted and some cabinets have been installed.

Hidden Valley Middle School is the same model as the new West Jordan Middle and construction is on time with the school on track to open in the upcoming school year.

Supercast Episode 19: The Fire Within – Students Learning to Save Lives

Superintendent Godfrey with two JATC Firefighter studentsOn this episode of the Supercast, we travel to the JATC South in Riverton where Superintendent Godfrey joins high school students who are finding out, first-hand, what it takes to be a Firefighter and EMT.

Unified Firefighter and Fire Science/EMT Coordinator, Taylor Sandstrom puts student skills to the test and we find out if Superintendent Godfrey can make the cut.

Jan. 2020 Administrative Assignments

The following are new administrative assignments:

  • Secondary Assignments Effective Jan. 21, 2020
    • Shawn McLeod, principal at South Jordan Middle appointed principal at Hidden Valley Middle.
    • Nicole Johnson, assistant principal at Jordan Hills and Rosamond Elementary Schools appointed principal at South Jordan Middle.
    • Amber Zdunich, assistant principal at Joel P. Jensen Middle appointed assistant principal at Hidden Valley Middle.
    • Jody Deland, CTE teacher at South Jordan Middle appointed assistant principal at Joel P. Jensen Middle.
    • Audrey Fish, assistant principal at Oquirrh Hills Middle appointed assistant principal at Fort Herriman Middle.
    • Jennifer Jarrard, teacher specialist at Kauri Sue Hamilton appointed assistant principal at Oquirrh Hills Middle.
  • Secondary Assignment Effective July 1, 2020
    • Raimee Jensen, assistant principal at Fort Herriman Middle appointed assistant principal at Hidden Valley Middle.
  • Elementary Assignments Effective Feb. 3, 2020
    • Tami Bird, principal at Rose Creek Elementary appointed principal at the new elementary school in West Jordan.
    • Karen Egan, principal at Bluffdale Elementary appointed principal at Rose Creek Elementary.
    • Cynthia Tingey, principal at Riverton Elementary appointed principal at Bluffdale Elementary.
    • Joel Pullan, principal at Oakcrest Elementary appointed principal at Riverton Elementary.
    • Ken Westwood, principal at South Jordan Elementary appointed principal at Oakcrest Elementary.
    • Beverly Griffith, assistant principal at Fox Hollow Elementary appointed principal at South Jordan Elementary.
    • Nancy Ward, educational support consultant in Teaching & Learning appointed assistant principal at Fox Hollow Elementary.
    • Brenda Anderson, instructional coach at Mountain Shadows Elementary appointed assistant principal at Jordan Hills and Rosamond Elementary.