PTA Gets Students Reading with Intra-School District ‘Battle of the Books’

Students competing in Battle of the BooksThey were picking up books ready to do battle in a competition that encourages students to read a good book and have some fun. The PTA sponsored a big Intra-School District ‘Battle of the Books’ competition at Butterfield Canyon Elementary School. Students from ten schools participated in two divisions, one for 3rd and 4th graders and another for 5th and 6th graders. The students got creative with fun team names like the Rosamond “Reading Bookworms,” Rose Creek “Utah Shazz,” and Silver Crest “Blue Fluffy Penguins.” During the competition student teams earn points by answering questions about the books on the book lists which they have read.

The total number of books read for this ‘Battle of the Books,’ was more than 18,362!!!

  • Winners in the 3rd/4th grade division were the Rose Creek “Book Buddies.”
  • Winners in the 5th/6th grade division were the Butterfield Canyon “Pudgy Pugs.”

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks to the PTA for organizing an event that gets kids excited about reading!

Bingham High Students Plant Seeds of Kindness for Elementary Students

Students from Bingham High standing in the greenhouse. Some students in Rene’ Bair’s class at Bingham High School took a science and biology lesson to a new level, one that is spreading kindness and caring among elementary school students in the District. The class designed their own experiments using different vegetable, herb and flower seeds they then planted in the school’s greenhouse. When the plants started to grow, the students boxed them up in order to share the fruits of their labor with some elementary school children in need.

The plants were distributed to three elementary schools where they were given to children. The plants came with a personal letter from Rene’ Bair’s science students telling the children how to nurture and grow the vegetables, once the children got them home. The hope is the plants will provide fresh vegetables to families in need and inspire students to grow a love for gardening at home.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Current Tax Rate Comparison

Did you know that different school districts levy different rates for taxes? A school district’s tax levy is significantly impacted by the commercial tax base within its boundaries – the more businesses, the more money coming into a school district. Districts with a strong established commercial tax base can levy a much lower tax rate. For the past several years, Jordan’s tax rate has been below the state average.

Ogden 0.008041 Granite 0.007822 Davis 0.007701 Average 0.007064 Alpine 0.007033 Canyons 0.006995 Jordan 0.006501 Weber 0.006307 Murray 0.005885 Salt Lake 0.005500

Blackridge Elementary Transforms into the Wizarding School of Hogwarts

Two students show off their wands. It was a labor of love for the third-grade teaching team at Blackridge Elementary School as they worked through the night to transform their school into the fantasy land of Hogwarts. The creations are a part of ‘Fantasy Week,’ at the school and brought big smiles and delight to students, teachers and staff. Everywhere you turned there were signs of Harry Potter and his wizarding world with students dressed as the famous wizard with glasses, robes and lightning bolt scars on their foreheads. One teacher even created a disappearing classroom door, to look like Platform 9 3/4 from the books. Students attended potions class and also received a wand of their own. And, a day in the life of Harry Potter couldn’t go without playing a game or two of Quidditch.

We raise our wands to the third-grade teaching team for making this years ‘Fantasy Week’ one for the books!