Dedication Ceremony Celebrates Mountain Ridge High Students, Staff and Community

Students with Mike HaynesIt was a night to show appreciation and say thanks to everyone who came together supporting and welcoming the new Mountain Ridge High School into the communities it now serves. Board of Education President Bryce Dunford told those who gathered that as students and staff begin establishing new and lasting traditions at Mountain Ridge, we must never forget that the school belongs to the community. Mr. Dunford recognized prior Board members for paving the way for construction of Mountain Ridge which was built at a 17% cost savings, on time and under budget. He thanked everyone for their role in building the school and congratulated students and the community for embracing Mountain Ridge and taking pride in being ‘Sentinel Strong.’

A special thanks to State Board of Education and Jordan Education Foundation Board Member, Mike Haynes for delivering the dedication speech.

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Matters

Clock set to 2:03This past weekend daylight savings ended and most students got an extra hour of sleep. Just one extra hour of sleep makes a big difference in how patient, alert, attentive, and safe drivers are on the road. In fact, studies show that when this time change happens every fall there is a significant decrease in car accidents nationwide.

When students get enough sleep, their minds and bodies are able to perform at their best. Sleep affects physical health, mental health, and brain functioning. Sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

When students consistently don’t get enough sleep, it affects their decision making, emotional stability, physical health, and overall wellness. Furthermore, they aren’t able to learn and remember as easily.

Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of student’s academic and emotional wellness and it makes a HUGE difference. So rather than rely on a time change to improve your patience, alertness, emotional health, and overall brain functioning; create a healthy habit of sleeping at least eight hours every night.

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Herriman Elementary School Dance Teacher Receives Top State Award

Picture of Jana ShumwayShe has amazing talent which inspires students around her and now Jana Shumway is being recognized for her dedication to dance education. Ms. Shumway, the dance instructor at Herriman Elementary, was recently awarded Utah Dance Educator of the Year by the Utah Dance Education Organization (UDEO). Herriman Elementary School Principal Bobbie Nixon says Ms. Shumway has an incredible way of linking curriculum to dance making academics more memorable and exciting for students. She also does a Dual Immersion dance for DLI Spanish students at school and is a delight to be around.

Congratulations, Ms. Shumway!

South Hills Middle School Teacher is Social Studies Teacher of the Year

Picture of Ms. Knowles and her awardPlease join us in congratulating South Hills Middle School teacher Gina Knowles.

Ms. Knowles has been selected as the Utah Council for the Social Studies Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Gina Knowles began her career in education as an elementary school teacher but decided she wanted to move on to teach at the middle school level. Her principal, Rochelle Waite, says Ms. Knowles makes history come alive for her students which in turn makes them love to learn about history.

Keep up the great work, Ms. Knowles!