Oquirrh Elementary Wellness Center Helps Relieve Student Stress

Oquirrh Elementary Mindfulness Room It is a place that feels a little bit like home. That’s the idea behind a new Wellness Center at Oquirrh Elementary School. The purpose of the Wellness Center is to give students a place where they can go for a 10-minute break to relieve stress or worries and get back to their classrooms and successful learning. With the help of a social-emotional learning coach in the Wellness Center, students are learning to identify, express and manage their emotions for a happier, healthier experience in school. They also learn the importance of self-confidence, recognizing their strengths and resilience.

The Wellness Center is a calm, relaxing and welcoming place for all students throughout the school year.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Oquirrh Elementary Principal Project is Gift from the Heart

It is a labor of love for Oquirrh Elementary School Principal Shauna Worthington as she works hard to reach a goal of collecting 4,000 boxes of breakfast cereal this holiday season. The cereal will be gift wrapped and given to students in seven Jordan School District Title I schools to take home over the winter break. Ms. Worthington wanted to do something to keep kids from going hungry while they were away from school.

Principal Worthington and her family came up with the “Principal Project” idea last year and quickly collected 2,869 boxes of breakfast cereal – enough for students in four JSD Title I schools.

Watch the sweet story of how the cereal project began and continues to grow as a gift from the heart.

Supercast Episode 13: Second Grade Secrets to Making the Perfect Turkey

Students and teachers dressed as turkeysIt is time for Thanksgiving, good food and giving thanks. On this episode of the Supercast, elementary school students share their thoughts on the holiday and tell us how to cook the perfect turkey with all the trimmings.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Supercast!

Oquirrhfest 2019 Begins at Oquirrh Hills Middle School

Students kick off OquirrhfestStudents at Oquirrh Hills Middle School are already hard at work on their 2019 holiday charity fundraising. This year students selected the Olive Osmond Hearing fund which raises awareness for the deaf and hard of hearing. The school is hoping to raise $20,000 to give the gift of hearing to youth and adults in need of hearing aids in our community. The fundraising theme is “Be a HEARO” and Justin Osmond was on hand to educate students on what it is like to live with profound hearing loss and overcome the challenges associated with hearing loss.

Thanks to Oquirrh Middle students for stepping up and being true heroes for people in need.