Fun Fact Friday: New School Construction Update

Thanks to mild weather conditions, new school construction in Jordan School District is progressing on time and on schedule.

Here is an update on the progress:

  • New High School in Herriman
    • Steel framing is well underway
    • Outside walls are up
    • Work is beginning on the running track in the gymnasium
    • Work continues on plumbing and electrical
    • Roads leading to the school are rough graded
  • New Middle School in South Jordan
    • Crews are beginning work on the second story of the school
    • Crews are framing walls on the first floor of the school
  • Rebuild of West Jordan Middle School
    • Steel framing is well underway
    • Masonry is being laid around the gymnasium
    • Work is beginning on the second floor of the school

 All three schools are scheduled to open in the 2019-20 school year.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the progress at each school.

Bingham FCCLA Students Make a Beautiful Contribution to the ‘Festival of Trees’

Bingham High FCCLA's Christmas tree at 'Festival of Trees'It’s truly heart-warming how charitable high school students can be. Recently, several Bingham High School students part of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) took the time to help Primary Children’s Hospital by decorating and donating a tree to the ‘Festival of Trees’ at South Towne Expo Center

Utilizing their talents and holiday spirit, these students made decorations and created an awe-inspiring tree. There were more than 800 trees at this year’s festival and every penny raised goes to support services at Primary Children’s Hospital. Thanks to these students for their hard work and beautiful contribution to this event.

Families Find Learning Fun During S.T.E.M. Night at Heartland Elementary

STEM Night photo from Heartland ElementaryIt was a night for families to come together to find out how much fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can be. It was called the S.T.E.M. Family Night where the minute families walked through the door, they were given a letter S, T, E, M, which instructed them where to begin their night of learning together. This is what each education station taught them:

  • S: Science, they learned about the science (and history) behind making catapults. They built catapults and were able to practice shooting marshmallows at targets with the catapults they built.
  • T: Technology, they observed technology that students from the Robotics Team at AMES used to create robots. The robots were on display and Robotics students demonstrated how they work.
  • E: Engineering, students and their families were given the cup challenge to see how tall they could build towers with 50 cups and 100 cups blindfolded. They learned about the engineering behind buildings and structures.
  • M:Mathmetics, each person was allowed to build a straw rocket and take it home with them. In this rotation they practiced their aim with angles and measurements for accuracy with their rockets.

After each family completed their rotations, they were allowed to stop in the “cell”-fie station to take a selfie with their families to commemorate the evening!!!

Congratulations on a fun family night devoted to S.T.E.M. education.

Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Students Receive Gift of Better Vision Through SightFest

What could be better than receiving the gift of better eyesight? Thanks to local eye doctors and volunteers, nearly 60 Jordan School District students will be receiving just that after a visit to SightFest.

SightFest was an event recently hosted by Jordan School District where students received pre-screening vision tests and free eye exams. When the exams were completed, the students were allowed to pick out what for many will be their first pair of eyeglasses. These are students whose families could not otherwise afford eye care or glasses. This gift of better vision will be life changing, allowing the children to do better in the classroom with their education and in everyday life. Families in need and Jordan School District cannot thank the eye doctors and the many volunteers enough for taking the time give better eyesight to students in need.