Supercast Episode 114: Meet the Silverwolf Caucus! (Part 2)

Superintendent looks on as Candice Pierucci looks at her "sample work"They are members of the Utah State Legislature and Riverton High School Silverwolves through and through.

On this bonus episode of the Supercast, we take you back inside Riverton High to once again catch up with the “Silverwolf Caucus.” They are Utah State Representatives, all former Riverton High students. Find out what happens when Representatives Candice Pierucci, Ashlee Matthews, and Jordan Teuscher run into some former teachers as they tour the halls of their alma mater, sharing some laughs and lots of memories along the way.

Supercast Episode 113: Meet the Silverwolf Caucus! Three Riverton High School Graduates Now Successful in Utah State Legislature

Superintendent sits with the Silverwolf CaucusThey call themselves the “Silverwolf Caucus.” Three former Riverton High School students who are all now public servants, after being elected to the Utah State Legislature.

On this episode of the Supercast, State Representatives Candice Pierucci, Ashlee Matthews, and Jordan Teuscher return to Riverton High for the first time since they graduated. Find out what they learned from their time as students, what advice they have for some student body leaders and why Riverton High is still near and dear to them today.

Stay tuned for a bonus episode on the Silverwolf Caucus tomorrow.

Celebrating the Official Dedication of Aspen Elementary School

They are off to a great start learning, making new friends and beginning new traditions at Aspen Elementary School in South Jordan. This week the Jordan School District Board of Education held a special new school dedication ceremony for Aspen Elementary. To the delight of those in attendance, students performed their brand new school song perfectly. Principal Suzie Williams remarked on what an honor it is to lead not only students on their educational journey at Aspen, but to lead an amazing team of teachers and staff at the school as well.

Superintendent Anthony Godfrey and School Board President Tracy Miller also addressed the crowd, congratulating everyone involved for successfully opening the beautiful new school, which will be a part of the community for years to come.

The program concluded with Board First Vice President Bryce Dunford officially dedicating Aspen Elementary.

Thank you to everyone for making Aspen such an amazing new school in Jordan School District

Thank You to All JSD Education Support Professionals!

Please take a minute to join Superintendent Godfrey and Jordan School District in thanking all of the Education Support Professionals working beside you today. This is Education Support Professionals Day honoring a long list of professionals who keep schools running smoothly. They include secretaries, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, custodians and others who support educators, school leadership, and students in our schools. These professionals do their part in making public schools a place where students can be safe, learn, grow, and achieve.

Education Support Professionals perform a wide variety of jobs which promote quality education, foster positive learning environments, offer nutritious meals, provide reliable transportation and maintain safe and clean schools for everyone.

They are employees like Mountain Ridge High School head custodian Kevan Sprague who was selected as the Utah School Employee Association’s Outstanding Employee of the Year.

We appreciate our amazing Education Support Professionals today and every single day!

JATC South Students Participate in Roundtable Focusing on Technical Careers

Picture of Diesel Tech studentsSome JATC South Diesel Tech students had a unique opportunity to meet with Senator Mitt Romney recently as part of a Diesel Roundtable discussion focusing on technical careers and workforce development.

They were able to talk to Senator Romney about their experiences in the Diesel Tech program and discussed how to make the trades, specifically those in diesel and transportation, more appealing to high school students. Romney wants to make sure students understand options they have in pursuing technical careers in Utah.

While meeting with the senator, the students also participated in a job shadow on the shop floor at Kenworth Sales.

We are proud of all the students who participated in the roundtable and wish them the very best in their pursuit of a career in the Diesel Tech industry.