Supercast Episode 204: JSD Jumpstarting Careers in Auto Mechanics and Repair

Superintendent with auto repair teacher and studentIt is a program driving students to find success in the car care business.

On this episode of the Supercast, we stop by the auto mechanics shop at West Jordan High School. That’s where we meet the auto shop teacher and a student who just placed among the best in the country in a car repair competition. This truly is a class that is jumpstarting careers.

Supercast Episode 203: Father of BHS Softball Coach an Inspiration to Entire Team During His Battle with Alzheimer’s

Dr. Godfrey with the Bingham High Softball Coach She has taken the Bingham High School girls softball team to multiple state championships in her time as head coach. But when the state title suddenly eluded the team for years in a row, someone very close to Coach Jackson, didn’t give up.

On this episode of the Supercast, find out how, despite his own battle with Alzheimer’s, Coach Jackson’s dad stood by the team and was in the stands cheering them on to victory once again, at the last game he would ever see. It’s an inspiring story you don’t want to miss.

Supercast Episode 202: History Teachers Share Passion for Studying the Past and Rich History of Utah

Superintendent with history teachersDid you know that Utah became the 45th State in 1896? Did you know a Utah man invented the very first pedal steel guitar and the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened, not in Kentucky, but 1500 miles to the west in Salt Lake City?

On this episode of the Supercast, as many people prepare to celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th, we sit down with two history teachers who have a passion for studying the past, bringing it back to life, and educating kids in the classroom about Utah’s rich history.

Utah Virtual Learning Collaborative Forms to Enhance Virtual Learning Experiences

Utah Virtual Learning Collaborative Summer IntstituteIt started out small, with a handful of virtual school administrators meeting, virtually of course, to discuss what is working and what can be enhanced in the virtual learning experience for students in Utah. The conversations were so productive, the meetings began to take place on a monthly basis. As a result, the Utah Virtual Learning Collaborative was formed.

After many virtual meetings, the group decided to meet in person and include virtual school teachers as well as administrators. That resulted in the Utah Virtual Learning Collaborative Inaugural Summer Institute on July 11 at Hidden Valley Middle School in Jordan School District. About 80 attendees from districts across the state participated.

This was a unique gathering because all of the participants work in the virtual learning environment and it is the only such gathering in the state.

The theme this year was “Building Connections in a Virtual World,” and the Summer Institute addressed successes and concerns in virtual learning.

Thanks to everyone who attended hoping to making virtual learning the very best it can be for students in Utah.