District Logos & Tagline Use

The Office of Communications has created a ZIP file containing versions of the horizontal logotype, the stacked logotype, the shield logo and the tagline for common use.  All files in the pack are in PNG format at 72 DPI.  If you need the logo in another format or size, contact the Office of Communications with your specifications.

Logo Usage and Style Guidelines
The Jordan School District logo and tagline Lead • Educate • Inspire are trademarks of Jordan School District, registered in the United States of America. Use of the logo and/or tagline without expressed prior written consent of the Superintendent of Schools of Jordan School District and/or a designate, will constitute trademark infringement, and further may violate federal and state laws.

For logo usage information and policy issues, contact the Office of Communications.

An approved Jordan School District logo should be included on all formal District documents and publications sent to the public. The following guidelines are intended to provide consistency and avoid deviations from standard logo format that could weaken the District’s overall graphic presentation and professionalism.

  • Fidelity – Logos should not be redrawn, modified or displayed in rough form. Always reproduce from high-quality, original artwork. Artwork is available from the Office of Communications.
  • Integrity – Always display the logo in its entirety. It is inappropriate to separate parts of the logo or modify the logo in any way.
  • Proportion – The District logo is designed according to a specific height and width ratio. Even slight distortions will impact the consistency of the presentation. Always display the logo in its exact, original proportions, regardless of logo size, placement or use.

District Logotype
The official District logotype artwork is available upon request from the Office of Communications. Always use the official artwork with embedded typeface, instead of adding your own type to the logo.

Complimentary Typeface Guidelines
For basic documents and forms, District employees are encouraged to use Trebuchet MS, which is included on all Windows and Mac computers. Other acceptable fonts are Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman. District publications and special projects use Trade Gothic and Berkeley.

District Seal Guidelines
Versions of the logo with the tagline in a circle are called the District Seal. The Seal is reserved for projects authorized by the Board of Education or Superintendent of Schools. The seal is not to be distributed for use unless the project is approved by the Office of Communications.

Tagline Use
The tagline is intended to be used as a secondary visual element, such as a footer graphic (see letterhead for example). When using the tagline as a visual element, always use the official artwork with embedded typeface. When the tagline is used in a paragraph, each word must be separated with a bullet. Other characters are unacceptable.

Full-Color Presentation
The logo should be presented in full color whenever possible. Logos presented on the Web should always be in full color. Although the shield may look like it is two colors, it actually has a subtle blue gradient.

Two-Color Presentation
If full-color presentation is not feasible, a two-color version is preferred. This version is printed in gray (Pantone 418) and blue (Pantone 2995). If blue cannot be used, see one-color presentation below.

One-Color Presentation
When full-color or two-color logos are not feasible, gray (Pantone 418), black or white versions may be used. The logo cannot be printed in any single color, other than the official colors specified here.

  • On Light Surfaces – When printing on light surfaces or backgrounds, use a gray or black version of the logo.
  • On Dark Surfaces – When printing on dark surfaces or backgrounds, use a white version of the logo.