Golden Fields Elementary

Golden Fields Building
 About Golden Fields Elementary

Golden Fields Elementary Gladiator LogoGolden Fields welcomes you to a safe environment of learning for students in kindergarten through sixth grades. With some of the best teachers anywhere, the students are in good care. The focus is on best practices for tier 1 instruction. That includes constant feedback, promoting learning with deep questions, and interventions for students on all levels. Students will learn how to build appropriate relationships from character education and safety training, take ownership of their learning, and feel the value of accomplishing hard things.

 Boundary Description

Begin at the west county line and approx. 10700 S.; east along approx. 10700 S. (south side) to Old Bingham Hwy.; east along Old Bingham Hwy. (south side) to 4800 W.; south along 4800 W. (west side) to 10200 S.; east along 10200 S. (south side) to the dry creek bed (west of Walnut Canyon Ln.); south along the dry creek bed (west side) to Southjordan Pkwy.; west along Southjordan Pkwy. (north side) to Lake Ave.; west along Lake Ave. (north side) to Mountain View Corridor; south along Mountain View Corridor (west side) to approx. 11400 S.; west along approx.11400 S. (north side) to the west county line; north along the west county line (east side) to approx. 10700 S.