Riverside Elementary (Modified Traditional)

About Riverside Elementary

Riverside Elementary is located in the central west area of West Jordan City. The school serves children who come from suburban and rural homes. Residents support the school and are committed to public education. Riverside opened in 1979, is a modern, totally air-conditioned school. The Riverside staff is working to foster the individual growth of students and is strongly committed to their academic and emotional needs.

  • elem_riverside_logoRiverside Elementary is a traditional school serving approximately 750 students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.
  • All teachers and the principal are evaluated on a regular basis to help assure educational quality and professional development.
  • The teachers are experienced, devoted educators. Our staff are graduates from all of the major universities in Utah as well as graduates from noted universities in other states.
  • Each grade level has established special traditions and activities which students look forward to from year to year.
  • The teachers work in teams, sharing strengths as they provide educational programs for the students.
  • Riverside students are expected to follow the district dress guidelines and come to school in neat, clean, and modest clothing. When children come dressed appropriately, the learning climate is enhanced and student achievement is increased.
  • The school provides resource, guidance, and speech programs for students who qualify for these special services.
  • A New computer lab for the students to use while learning to use computers through drill and practice in basic skills as well as technology training.
  • A nutritious, hot lunch program is provided. Riverside also provides a breakfast program.
  • Our school has hosted the Governor of Utah, Mayor of West Jordan, members of the State Legislature, the Jordan Board of Education, and many professional athletes and other local celebrities.
  • Several of our teachers have graduated with honors from their universities or received other state and District educational honors.
  • Students have the benefit of extra curricular programs such as: choir, morning announcements, safety patrol, buddy classes, geography bee, and Name that Book program.
  • PTA and School Community Council organizations enrich school programs, give input on school issues and provide many service and volunteer hours.
  • Student achievement recognition on the Wall of Fame.
Student Achievement

The Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) is a collection of computer-adaptive assessments given to Utah students beginning in grade 3. SAGE assessments provide questions that assess students’ ability to apply higher-order thinking skills and better emulate real tasks students may encounter in education and in life.

SAGE assessments were developed through a joint effort on the part of Utah teachers, parents, test development experts, and the Utah State Board of Education. SAGE assessments provide information to assist in determining students’ educational progress towards being ready for college and careers upon completion of secondary school.

PACE is an acronym given to Utah’s 2013 ten-year education and economic development plan. The plan includes four main components: Prepare young learners, Access for all students, Complete certificates and degrees, and Economic success (PACE). PACE Accountability Reports provide information regarding a school’s progress towards achieving components of the Governor’s education and economic development plan.

In lower and middle grades, PACE Accountability Reports display information regarding kindergarten readiness and SAGE assessment results for grades 3, 6, and 8. At the high school level, SAGE reports include graduation rates, ACT results, and college credit earned concurrent enrollment, advanced placement (AP), career and technical education (CTE), and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

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