2020 Graduation Plans

We appreciate the feedback that has been provided by over 3,200 students, parents and employees with suggestions and ideas about how to best celebrate our 2020 graduating class. After receiving direction from Governor Gary H. Herbert’s office and the SL County Health Department indicating that in-person graduation ceremonies are not permissible, the Jordan School District has finalized its graduation ceremony plans.

The survey results identified accomplishment, recognition, celebration, closure, memories and goodbyes as the most important aspects graduation ceremonies provide. We hope to meet all six of these aspects by having students participate in the following three events:

  1. A virtual graduation ceremony – On June 4, 2020, all schools will participate in a virtual graduation (with the exception of Valley High and South Valley who will participate in their virtual graduation ceremonies on June 3, 2020). These ceremonies will provide our graduating students the proper recognition for their accomplishments and closure to an amazing journey. We have hired VEGO pictures production company out of Los Angeles, California to work with each school’s graduation ceremony organizers to ensure the best possible experience for each graduate and their families. Each virtual ceremony will include personal student features, highlight reels, speeches, musical numbers and more.
  2. A “Stay-In-Your-Car” Parade – Local school administrators will work with PTA, city officials, student leaders and school staff to organize a “stay-in-your-car” parade to celebrate graduates while following proper social distancing requirements. The specific parade details as well as the diploma distribution plans will be worked out school-by-school.
  3. Future Celebration Activity – When large gatherings are deemed safe by the Salt Lake County Health Department, all high schools will recreate some well-deserved memories. Each high school will plan a future celebration activity where students will be given the chance to say their appropriate goodbyes in person. The specifics of this activity will also be worked out school-by-school and scheduled at a future date when appropriate.

Schools will continue to have the opportunity to make additional plans as deemed appropriate. Questions can be directed to each high school for details.