Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle

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About Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle
  • Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School serves 7th and 8th-grade students throughout Salt Lake County, with most enrollment coming from Jordan School District.
  • Kelsey Peak offers synchronous (live instruction) and asynchronous (recorded) options for each course.
  • The school offers flexibility and predictability concerning student and family schedules.
  • Students attend school on a regular nine-month, 180-day calendar with the summers off.
  • The curriculum meets or exceeds District and state core curriculum standards and includes a range of required and elective courses.
  • The pupil/teacher ratio is 1 to 42 in grades 7 and 8, but actual class sizes vary.
  • The 12-member faculty includes a mix of veteran and new educators. All are state certificated and well prepared in their teaching fields. Both teachers and administrators undergo formal evaluations regularly. Many of the teachers have advanced degrees and experience teaching in virtual settings.
  • A complete resource team, counselor, and teachers for students with cognitive and emotional concerns are on staff to serve students with special needs.
  • Computer science classes and a specially equipped computer classroom provide students with opportunities for technology training.
  • Students have separate computer accounts accessible at any computer located throughout the school.
  • Kelsey Peak teachers and students are also encouraged to meet in person when the activities and
  • Two physical buildings, Hidden Valley Middle School and Majestic Elementary, are used as learning centers where students can come and work on their online work or participate in class projects, science labs, art projects, or in-person activities.