NASA Astronaut Speaks to MESA Students at Copper Mountain Middle

IMG_4922It was the opportunity of a lifetime for Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) students at Copper Mountain Middle School. Thanks to the Clark Planetarium, the students were treated to a visit from acclaimed NASA astronaut Story Musgrave. Mr. Musgrave flew six missions to space in his 30-year career with NASA. He also performed the first shuttle space walk on Challenger’s first flight. With seven graduate degrees in the areas of math and science, Musgrave truly is an inspiration to young people. He shared his life story with the students about being raised on a farm and using his mechanical skills to eventually become an astronaut and neurosurgeon. Musgrave said anything is possible if you love what you do. Enjoy a photo gallery of this event on our Facebook page.

National Honor for Riverton High Drama Teacher

clin-3According to Stage Directors Magazine, he has one of the top five high school theater programs in the entire nation and now Clin Eaton can add another accolade to his resume. Mr. Eaton was recently named as a national High School Drama Teacher of the Year. It is part of ‘The Heart of the Art’ program through the National High School Activities Association. Congratulations to Clin on this great accomplishment. Keep up the amazing work, you deserve a standing ovation!

Unified Police Bring Early Easter to Kauri Sue Students


Unified police officers, including Sheriff Jim Winder look forward to it every year and so do students at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School. The officers escort the Easter Bunny to the school and go from room to room making sure every child has a chance to meet the fluffy rabbit and get their picture taken. Unified Police also make sure each student gets a colorful stuffed bunny along with a UPD badge. Thanks to officers for taking the time to make these students light up, smile and enjoy some early Easter fun! Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Students Prove Their Hearts Are in the Right Place

287They set out to raise money for the American Heart Association and hundreds of Jordan District students did it in a big way. Participating schools raised tens of thousands of dollars in the spring fundraiser and some broke records in their efforts. Congratulations to students at Elk Meadows Elementary, the school was the second highest in the entire state raising $12,882! Elk Meadows managed to accomplish it with an event called ‘Jump Rope for Heart.’ A number of students managed to get multiple sponsors and the PTA stepped in to help motivate everyone. We are very proud of all our participating schools for giving your heart to this very worthy cause.

Fun Fact Friday: Tax Rates

Did you know that different school districts levy different rates for taxes?  A school district’s tax levy is significantly impacted by the commercial tax base within its boundaries—the more businesses, the more money coming into a school district.  Districts with a strong established commercial tax base can levy a much lower tax rate. For the past several years, Jordan’s tax rate has been below the state average.

 District 2012-13 2013-14
Murray 0.006481 0.007003
Salt Lake 0.006626 0.006651
Weber 0.007071 0.006920
Granite 0.007176 0.006994
Jordan 0.007360 0.007132
State Average 0.007573 N/A*
Canyons 0.008418 0.008111
Alpine 0.008828 0.008699
Ogden 0.008926 0.008754
Davis 0.008941 0.008710
Charter See Note See Note

Note:  Part of the tax rate that JSD is required by law to charge, .001535, goes to the State for redistribution to Charter schools and school districts based on enrollment. Charter schools represent nine percent of the State’s enrollment.

*Data not yet available for comparison.