Kauri Sue Students Impress Audience in Creative Musical

DSCN1588Students at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School took to the stage before a packed house performing their latest musical production called “The Quest to Defeat Emperor Zurg.” With colorful characters like Woody, Buzz, Emperor Zurg, Hamm and Jessie the student actors played their parts with big smiles and lots of energy as the crowd looked on and loved it all. Show creator and director, Maddie Hofer, did a fantastic job with the choreography to songs like ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ ‘Surfin USA,’ ‘Thriller,’ and ‘Celebrate.’ Teachers at Kauri Sue made the costumes, which brought the entire show to life. Congratulations and a standing ovation to everyone involved in the show including the Riverton High School Peer Leadership Team. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Teachers & Students Embrace Turnaround Program

If you have ever wondered what a Turnaround school is and what it does for teachers, students and staff involved take a look at Majestic, Westvale and Heartland elementary schools. In the video below we take you inside these three Jordan District schools where exciting transformations in teaching and learning are taking place every day. Watch and be inspired by the great work that is going on. If the video below does not play, please click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=946604398691271&set=vb.197074473644271&type=3&theater.

Foothills Gym Filled with Lots of Little Bugs for Big Assembly

DSCN1478They appeared in all sizes, shapes and colors, some even had wings, but no one was trying to swat these bugs out of the gymnasium at Foothills Elementary. That’s because the bugs were second grade students who took the stage for their annual musical all about bugs. The children sang their hearts out to a crowd of family and friends who gathered for the big bug affair. The message about being nice to bugs was clear with song lyrics like “give a bug a break” and “have you hugged a bug today?” Congratulations to the teachers and students who put together such a fun show and gave everyone a new appreciation for bugs! Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.