Bond Fact Friday: Bringing Building Costs Down

In an effort to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient way possible, the District conducted numerous stakeholder committee meetings and gathered input from our cities over the past three years. Everyone came together to find cost-saving efficiencies. The result is a 17% reduction in the overall cost of building new schools.

This is important as we propose a $245 million bond to build six new schools in areas of the District that are seeing the most extreme growth. More than 9,250 additional students are expected to enroll in JSD over the next five years.

This video explains the reduction in building costs and answers some frequently asked questions we are getting from patrons about the taxpayer savings.

New Greenhouse at JATC South Brings Fresh Produce to School Lunchrooms

JATC South GreenhouseThe new greenhouse at JATC South is helping students learn about horticulture through Landscape Management and Greenhouse Management courses. In addition, it is helping to bring fresh produce into school cafeterias and children are eating it up. With the fall harvest season upon us, high school students are picking a variety of fresh herbs, carrots, radishes, sweet corn and juicy ripe tomatoes grown in and outside the greenhouse and then they are sent to elementary school cafeterias for children to enjoy as a part of a healthy lunch. In addition, Nutrition Services is working with local farmers to bring fresh produce straight from the field to school in a “Farm to School” program that was just ranked “Best in the Nation” by the USDA.

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The Harvard of Soccer and Education to Locate in Jordan School District

Concept Design for Youth AcademyIt will be like nothing anywhere else in the nation, the “Harvard of soccer and education.” That’s how REAL Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen described a new training facility and youth academy that is under construction on 57 acres in Herriman. The project, which calls for eight soccer fields to train and develop young, elite soccer talent will include a charter high school with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Jordan School District is a proud sponsor of the charter, which will have an enrollment of about 250 high schools students from the area. Mr. Hansen and REAL will finance the project, which includes operation of the charter high school. Jordan will provide support for programs at the school. In her remarks at the groundbreaking ceremony, Superintendent Johnson thanked everyone involved for this innovative approach to inspire young people in STEM. Here are some additional remarks made by Dr. Johnson.

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New Pilot Program Begins in Jordan School District to Help Manage Growth

DSCN1489With both traditional and year-round schools now open, about 52,300 students are back in classrooms throughout the Jordan School District. For students at Bluffdale and Riverside Elementary, the school day looks a little different this year. That’s because the two schools are part of a pilot program in the District to help manage growth. It’s called a Modified Traditional Schedule, where half of the students start early (known as early birds) and 75 minutes later, the other students arrive (known as later gators). This schedule allows us to expand the capacity of a school by 20%, keeps it off of a year-round calendar and teachers on this schedule get paid more. Superintendent Johnson, along with Board of Education members Kayleen Whitelock and Janice Voorhies, were at Riverside to wish the students a safe and successful school year. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.