Bond Fact Friday: Portable Classrooms Help with Growth

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.37.57 PMJordan School District is expected to grow by 9,251 students over the next five years. In order to accommodate that growth, we are proposing a $245 million dollar bond to build six new schools.

The District has done many things to help manage growth and delay the need for new schools. One of them is the use of portables. In some areas like Herriman and Bluffdale, the growth is coming so quickly that schools can’t be built fast enough to accommodate all the new students. This is when portables are needed. Portables help keep taxes low and give us flexibility with enrollment at a school when population is fluctuating in a community. They save us in building and renovation costs and can be moved as needed. When a school is over capacity, portables allow us to accommodate students without busing them to other schools.

Right now we have 250 portable classrooms District-wide housing 6,250 students. Again, as populations shift, we can move the portables to new locations where they are needed most.

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Hair Cuts From the Heart for Locks of Love

2016-06-23 11.57.48You could say students at Foothills Elementary School gathered for an assembly a “cut above” all others. That’s because five students and two teachers decided to have their beautiful long hair cut and donated to ‘Locks of Love.’ This act of kindness and compassion benefits girls and young women all over the country who have lost their hair due to various medical conditions. Each participant donated 10 inches of their hair and then had the shorter cuts styled by professionals. This is a 12-year tradition at Foothills Elementary thanks to teacher Dawn Opie and the free cuts and styling services of Taylor Andrews Salon. Thanks to everyone involved in this selfless act of kindness that will make a big difference in the lives of others. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Students Enjoy Summer Learning Fun at Biz Town

2016-06-23 08.19.22Looking a lot like little business professionals, 5th grade students at Daybreak Elementary School boarded buses and headed for Biz Town. The field trip is one so many students look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to learn valuable lessons about business and money matters in the life-like town, JA City. We are thankful to Junior Achievement for giving students an opportunity to have this fun and educational experience. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Orchestra Makes for Many ‘Wow’ Moments at Welby Elementary

When music from the Welby Elementary School orchestra begins to flow from the gymnasium, people tend to listen and many are wowed by what they hear. This is an orchestra made up of about 50 young people with big dreams, led by a dynamic and caring director, Kathy Worthen. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing this orchestra, we are bringing it to you. Listen to the magical music and what these talented young musicians have to say about their love of orchestra.

Special Honor for Foothills Elementary D.A.R.E. Officer

IMG_0010She is always ready and willing to help in anyway she can at Foothills Elementary School. Officer Dana Mudrock has quickly become a popular face and respected leader in and outside of school because she is responsible for the D.A.R.E program, which is Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Officer Mudrock was recently honored in ABC4’s “Behind the Badge” law enforcement profile. A camera crew showed up at school to videotape Murdock and about 100 students who were part of the 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation. Officer Mudrock told ABC4 she loves working with kids in the D.A.R.E. program, especially when students realize that they do have choices and can say no to drugs and alcohol. Thanks to Officer Mudrock for her guidance and dedication to keeping children safe. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.