Payroll Employees Are Priceless

IMG_5482Please take a little time to say a big thank you to Jordan School District payroll employees as we join the nation in recognizing National Payroll Week which coincides with the Labor Day holiday celebrating the American worker. The District Payroll Department consists of six full-time and 2 part-time employees, responsible for accurately issuing more than 7,000 paychecks a month. They are also quick to offer PayDay peanut candy bars to anyone who stops by to say hi. Thanks payroll for all you do keeping District employees paid on time.

School Attendance Awareness Month

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.33.42 AMIt’s September and Utah Governor Gary Herbert has officially designated this as ‘School Attendance Awareness Month.” The governor wants all schools to join in a statewide effort to achieve better attendance in classrooms, which he hopes will lead to higher graduation rates and lower poverty numbers. At Majestic Elementary students are already striving for perfect attendance because they know it will help them reach their goals. Here is the story reported by Fox 13 News.

Fun Fact Friday: Is Jordan the Most Efficient District in the Nation?

Recent figures from the Utah State Office of Education indicate that Jordan School District spends less than any other district in the State to educate a child. With Jordan’s high graduation rates, 84 percent, and higher than average Advanced Placement testing scores, taxpayers are getting a great return on their investment (perhaps the best in the nation).

Jordan’s overall cost per student is $5,645, the lowest in the state. Utah spends less than any other state in the nation, so does this make Jordan the lowest in the nation? Either way, Jordan’s taxpayers are winning big.