District Retirement Seminar

Employees considering retiring this year may attend a retirement class Nov. 10, 4-6 p.m. at the District office, 7387 S. Campus View Drive in West Jordan.  The class is open for 30 individuals with spouses or partners.  While the seminar is free, a $20 deposit is required to reserve seats, and will be refunded to those who attend.  A representative from Utah Retirement Systems will be in attendance to answer questions about pensions.  For those employees who have District post retirement benefits, copies of individual payout will be given and discussed. Contact Pauli Young, pauli.young@jordandistrict.org or 801-567-8156 to make a reservation.

SAGE Data Release Delayed

The Utah State Office of Education has delayed the public release of SAGE data due to technical issues. The new tentative date for the release of SAGE test results is October 27th. We will let you know if there are any other changes from the State Office of Education.

South Jordan Middle Teacher in KSL Spotlight

IMG_5796He is an extraordinary math teacher and his talent has touched the lives of many students over the years. In fact, Bryan Crowther made such an impact on a student who was in his class seven years ago, that she contacted KSL and nominated Mr. Crowther for the KSL Teacher Feature Award. During a surprise assembly. KSL presented Mr. Crowther with the award in front of family, friends and the entire school. He will receive a variety of prizes and the  opportunity to win a 2-year lease on a brand new car. Mr. Crowther’s former student was also there to talk about all the things she learned from this valuable teacher. Congratulations Mr. Crowther, we are proud to have such an amazing teacher and role-model in Jordan District. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Understanding SAGE Test Scores

Parents will soon be receiving SAGE test scores for their children. Students took one or more of the tests last year in grades 3-11 in English, language arts, mathematics and science. The bar measuring expectations on learning has been raised considerably. The new scores will show that fewer students are proficient. This is NOT because there has been a decrease in student achievement it is because there is an increase in expectations. Please know that students do not suddenly know less and teachers are not teaching less. Teachers and your children will need time to make the adjustments. The District will be providing information regarding the release of scores to parents with students in our elementary and secondary schools. We encourage you to take time to read the attached letter from the Utah State Office of Education and watch a video produced by the USOE, which is designed to answer  your questions about SAGE test scores.