Supercast Episode 45: The 2020-21 School Year– Preparing Students and Our Schools

Anthony Godfrey & Stacee WorthenWhat are schools doing to welcome students back safely for the 2020-21 school year? In this episode of the Supercast, we find out what is going on in schools right now with the installation and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We also offer some tips for parents who are looking to get their students ready for a successful new school year.

Supercast Episode 44: Students Devote Summer to Computer Science, Statistics and Problem Solving as Part of Unique Program

A student smiles outside the Jordan PREP "Swagon"It is not the typical summer of rest and relaxation for some middle school students in Jordan School District. That’s because they are immersed in things like abstract reasoning, problem-solving and computer science. In this episode of the Supercast we are going to explore something called the Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP), which is an academically rigorous mathematics-based summer enrichment program. Learn how it gives students an opportunity to start earning college credit at a very young age.

Supercast Episode 43: The Plan for Deep Cleaning, Sanitizing and Meal Service in Schools

An employee steam cleans a desk in a classroomAn enormous amount of work is underway as we prepare to reopen after schools were dismissed last March due to the pandemic. On this episode of the Supercast, hear about the unique and unprecedented plan for meal service, deep cleaning and sanitizing in our schools as we make every effort to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Supercast Episode 42: Rock Star Teachers Providing Online Options for Students and Parents

A student and teacher work together onlineThey are rock star teachers coming together to create what will be greater flexibility for students, teachers and parents in the upcoming school year. On this episode of the Supercast we hear from educators who are creating K – 6th grade online curriculum with content for the entire upcoming school year. It is an effort that will give teachers and parents options and help to make sure students don’t miss a beat in learning throughout the year.

Supercast Episode 41: Labor of Love for McKinney-Vento Liaisons Working with Students in Need

shelves of clothing and suppliesThey are everyday heroes in Jordan School District, ready to help students find success in school despite having no real place to call home. On this episode of the Supercast, we meet several McKinney-Vento Liaisons and find out how they manage to make life just a little bit better for students experiencing a wide range of homelessness.