Supercast Episode 75: A School Psychologist Talks About Video Game Addiction

A parent and child play a phone game togetherIs your child spending too much time playing video games? Is video game addiction a real problem among kids and teens today?

On this episode of the Supercast, we talk to school psychologist, Dustin Fullmer who actually teaches a video game addiction class at the Jordan Family Education Center. It is a class that is more popular than ever before as parents try to figure out if video gaming has become an unhealthy habit for their own children and what can be done to turn things around.

Supercast Episode 74: Sparks Fly When Superintendent Visits Welding Class Celebrating CTE Month

Students welding in classFebruary is CTE Month, a time to celebrate the value, achievements and accomplishments of Career and Technical Education programs across the country including right here in Jordan School District. On this episode of the Supercast, Superintendent Anthony Godfrey celebrates CTE month by visiting one of 25 Career and Technical Education classes offered at JATC North and JATC South.

Listen to the sparks fly when Dr. Godfrey gears up and finds out what it takes to learn the art of welding from students in the welding program.

Supercast Episode 73: Principals Prepare to Open New Virtual Elementary, Middle and High School for 2021-22 School Year

A student works onlineJordan School District is preparing to open three new schools in the 2021-22 school year. Kings Peak High School, Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School and Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School are part of the Jordan Virtual Learning Academy, giving students more options in their education and the way in which they learn.

On this episode of the Supercast, we hear from principals of the three new virtual schools. They explain how the schools will work, who can enroll and how this personalized learning will focus on the individual student. Find out how the Jordan Virtual Learning Academy is different than anything we’ve done before.

If you have questions regarding the new schools please call 801-567-8131 or visit

Supercast Episode 72: Coding in the Classroom Can Launch Great Careers

A new program in Jordan School District has middle school students preparing right now for future careers in technology. They are learning how to code in the classroom – creating computer games and perfecting a skill that could land them great paying jobs in a high demand industry.

On this episode of the Supercast, we take you inside some classrooms where kids are learning to code. Find out why coding is making math fun in a unique way for so many students and teachers right now and how parents can support their kids who want to code.

Supercast Episode 71: Free Services for Families at the Jordan Family Education Center

A teacher reads to a student at the Family Education CenterIf you ever feel like you need just a little extra support in your life or your child’s life, maybe it’s time to visit the Jordan Family Education Center.

The center, located inside River’s Edge School, provides support services, counseling and classes free of charge for families and students in Jordan School District.

On this episode of the Supercast, we find out what classes like “Blues Busters” or “Superhero Social Skills” can do for students and how families can benefit from the free short- term counseling offered by school psychologists and counselors.