Supercast Episode 116: “Christmas for Kids” Giving Hope and Help to Teens in Need Over the Holidays

Superintendent with Christmas for Kids volunteersEvery year the Jordan Education Foundation provides holiday gifts for teens who would otherwise go without in the Jordan School District community through an event called “Christmas for Kids.”

On this episode of the Supercast, we find out how the event helps teens in need who are struggling over the holidays. Also, find out why “Christmas for Kids” volunteers say shopping with the teens is an experience they will never forget, one that brings true meaning to the holiday season.

Supercast Episode 115: The “Turkey Trot” and “Turkey Tunes” Tradition at Golden Fields Elementary School

Superintendent with teachers and students in their turkey outfitsIt has been a beloved school and community Thanksgiving tradition at Golden Fields Elementary. On this episode of the Supercast, we find out why the Turkey Trot and Turkey Tunes play such an important role in the school’s Thanksgiving celebration year after year.

Then, we have some fun with students who show us their home-made talking turkeys and tell us what they are thankful for this year.

Supercast Episode 114: Meet the Silverwolf Caucus! (Part 2)

Superintendent looks on as Candice Pierucci looks at her "sample work"They are members of the Utah State Legislature and Riverton High School Silverwolves through and through.

On this bonus episode of the Supercast, we take you back inside Riverton High to once again catch up with the “Silverwolf Caucus.” They are Utah State Representatives, all former Riverton High students. Find out what happens when Representatives Candice Pierucci, Ashlee Matthews, and Jordan Teuscher run into some former teachers as they tour the halls of their alma mater, sharing some laughs and lots of memories along the way.

Supercast Episode 113: Meet the Silverwolf Caucus! Three Riverton High School Graduates Now Successful in Utah State Legislature

Superintendent sits with the Silverwolf CaucusThey call themselves the “Silverwolf Caucus.” Three former Riverton High School students who are all now public servants, after being elected to the Utah State Legislature.

On this episode of the Supercast, State Representatives Candice Pierucci, Ashlee Matthews, and Jordan Teuscher return to Riverton High for the first time since they graduated. Find out what they learned from their time as students, what advice they have for some student body leaders and why Riverton High is still near and dear to them today.

Stay tuned for a bonus episode on the Silverwolf Caucus tomorrow.

Supercast Episode 112: Spanish DLI Students Mark Important Day with Opening of Museum

Superintendent with students and their displaysIt was a moving celebration of Dia de los Muertos created, in part, by Spanish Dual Language Immersion Classes at Riverside Elementary School. On this episode of the Supercast, Superintendent Godfrey takes you inside the temporary Dia de los Muertos museum which was organized by 3rd grade teacher Kathy Wride. Find out how students were able to honor family members, including pets who have passed away, by creating alters for them.