Information Systems

The Office of Information Systems directs the preparation of data, implementation of technology for storage, updating, maintaining, and retrieving information necessary for school and business operations. They also provide leadership and technical
support for instructional use of computers.

  • Help Desk: 801-567-8737
  • Main Phone: 801-567-8140
  • Fax: 801-567-8086
District Office Staff

Name Phone Position
Michael Heaps 801-567-8271 Director
Natalie Miles 801-567-8140 Administrative Assistant
Steven Harwood 801-567-8257 Support Services & Programming Mgr.
Anthony Muto 801-567-8318 Network/Technical Svcs Mgr.
Mark Sowa 801-567-8392 Instr. Technology Consultant
Michelle Smolik 801-567-8240 Support Services Supervisor
Jeri Gamble 801-567-8345 Customer Support Analyst
Terry Gammon 801-567-8410 Customer Support Analyst
Steffany Ellsworth 801-567-8141 Customer Support Analyst
801-567-8241 Customer Support Analyst
Penny Morrison 801-567-8262 Customer Support Analyst
Michelle Oakeson 801-567-8387 Customer Support Analyst
Jenny Fox 801-567-8258 Customer Support Analyst
Lisa Corbett 801-567-8411 Service Desk Technician
Carrie Norris 801-567-8409 Service Desk Technician
Jenny Johnson 801-567-8386 Service Desk Technician
April Peters 801-567-8412 Service Desk Assistant
Mike Bacher 801-567-8253 Programmer Analyst
Jeff Luck 801-567-8256 Programmer Analyst
Jordan Shields 801-567-8312 Programmer Analyst
801-567-8428 Assistant Programmer Analyst
801-567-8311 Assistant Programmer Analyst
Remy Lattin 801-567-8263 Systems Administrator
Richard Bezanson 801-567-8403 Systems Administrator

Auxiliary Services Building Staff

Name Phone Position
Ken Curtis 801-567-8777 Computer Repair Technician
William Davis 801-567-8788 Network Engineer
Patrick Mounteer 801-567-8791 Network Engineer
Camron Buhler 801-567-8792 Network Technician Senior
801-567-8789 Network Technician Senior
Dan Edwards 801-567-8790 Network Technician Senior
Scott Howe 801-567-8793 Network Technician
Ryan Spackman 801-567-8704 Instructional Support Technician Lead
Bryan Grimshaw 801-567-8739 Instructional Support Technician Lead
Nikolay Castro 801-567-8280 Instructional Support Technician
Cheri Chryst 801-567-8608 Instructional Support Technician
Mike Gifford 801-567-8600 Instructional Support Technician
Craig Granger 801-567-8102 Instructional Support Technician
Gina Grosskreutz 801-567-8103 Instructional Support Technician
David Johansen 801-567-8604 Instructional Support Technician
Michele Lee 801-567-8104 Instructional Support Technician
Tami Martin 801-567-8749 Instructional Support Technician
Daniel Parko 801-412-2475 Instructional Support Technician
Dave Peacock 801-567-8795 Instructional Support Technician
Brad Redford 801-567-8607 Instructional Support Technician
Assen Todorov 801-567-8634 Instructional Support Technician
Justin Troester 801-567-8284 Instructional Support Technician
Brett Williams 801-567-8107 Instructional Support Technician
K. Wobee 801-567-8732 Instructional Support Technician
Mason Wright 801-567-8288 Instructional Support Technician

Instructional Support Technicians (IST) at Schools

Name Phone Position
Scott Cheng 801-412-1200 Copper Mountain Middle IST
Illa Hernandez 801-412-2800 Elk Ridge Middle IST
Chris Bird 801-412-2450 Fort Herriman Middle IST
Matt Gates 801-412-2900 South Jordan Middle IST
Roger Graves 801-412-2850 Joel P Jensen IST
Dan Gomez 801-412-2350 Oquirrh Hills Middle IST
Cody Burket 801-412-2400 South Hills Middle IST
Tom Yu 801-412-2300 West Hills Middle IST
Tyler Drake 801-412-2100 West Jordan Middle IST
Jeff Mackay 801-256-5100 Bingham HS IST
Joel Beasley 801-256-5300 Copper Hills HS IST
Mike Smith 801-567-8530 Herriman HS IST
Brandon Anderson 801-412-1700 Mountain Ridge High IST
Shannon Hickman 801-567-5800 Riverton HS IST
Alex Ortega 801-256-5600 West Jordan HS IST
Brad Pohlman 256-5901/412-1300 JATC IST
Michael Miller 567-8500/565-7584/7592 Kauri Sue/Rivers Edge/So. Valley IST

Information Systems Documents

Document Name Type
Employee Information Network Acceptable Use Policy – DP371< HTML
Employee Signature of Agreement – Information Network Acceptable Use Policy PDF
Employee Social Media Guidelines PDF
Student Information Network Acceptable Use Policy – AA445 HTML
Student Signature of Agreement – Information Network Acceptable Use Policy PDF
E-mail Address Change Form PDF
Technology User Guidelines (Updated 5/18/12) PDF