Midas Creek 5th Grade Student Chosen to Submit Question in Vice Presidential Debate

Student Photo of Victoria PeckVictoria Peck, a 5th grade student at Midas Creek Elementary School, will be watching the vice presidential debate very closely tonight. That’s because Victoria’s essay was selected from more than 700 entries statewide as a potential question for the moderator to ask in tonight’s debate. It is part of a contest sponsored by the Utah Debate Commission and Utah State Board of Education. They asked students to submit essays answering the question “If you could ask the vice presidential candidates one question, what would you ask and why?”

Victoria Peck wrote an essay about the plight of migrant workers and their children in the United States. Her question, which has been submitted to the debate moderator, is this:

“Q: What will you do to help these migrant workers that do so much for our country? I have a home that I love and have settled in. I want migrant worker children to have a home that they can settle in too. All children deserve to be safe and happy.”

There is no guarantee that Victoria’s question will be used and presented to the candidates in tonight’s debate. However, this is quite an accomplishment and we congratulate Victoria on her essay and being a finalist in this important electoral process.

Here is a link to Victoria Peck’s entire winning essay. attheu.utah.edu/facultystaff/what-would-you-ask-the-vp-candidates/