Mission • Vision • Values

Summary Page for Mission, Vision, Values, Portrait of a Graduate Characteristics & Strategic Plan PillarsMission
Unleashing Potential: Exceptional Educational Opportunities for Every Student

Be Curious | Be Intentional | Be United

Opportunity: We ensure all students have access to opportunities that will prepare them for their future.
Curiosity: We foster curiosity & nurture a love of learning in our students.
Connection: We create conditions that strenghten connection among all members of our community.
Support: We commit to supporting our students in finding and pursuing their personal path to success.
Growth: We prioritize and celebrate growth in all areas of a student’s life.

Strategic Plan 2024-29Strategic Plan
We are pleased to share with you our new Jordan School District strategic plan. Thank you to the thousands of families, students, staff, and community members whose feedback was instrumental in shaping this plan. Your feedback gave us a comprehensive picture of our District – what you love and what you believe would make us better. This invaluable input has been the cornerstone of our strategic planning process.

This strategic plan will guide decision-making and provide high-level direction for our District. We are grateful for your input and support and look forward to a bright, productive future, ensuring the success and well-being of our students.

Portrait of a Graduate BookletPortrait of a Graduate
In Jordan School District, we believe that in addition to academic excellence, our students should acquire and strengthen skills that will prepare them for success beyond their K-12 experience. We are committed to providing experiences in our schools that lead to graduates who are prepared for success within and beyond the classroom, regardless of the career path they choose. To ensure we follow through on this commitment, the portrait of a graduate will be used to guide, measure, and evaluate both student progress toward these skills as well as the progress of our district in its ability to develop graduates who are prepared for the real world.

We are committed to developing graduates who are curious thinkers, creative problem solvers, engaged citizens, empathetic communicators, resilient lifelong learners and responsible teammates.