Mission • Vision • Beliefs

Every Child, Every Day


Jordan’s vision focuses on collaboration, learning and results.  This is achieved by bringing educators together to foster an environment of success in academic achievement and growth for all students


As members of the Jordan School District Board of Education, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to:

  1. Increase student achievement
  2. Provide parents with the choices they deserve and desire
  3. Recognize and reward quality in educators
  4. Empower school leaders through policy governance and professional development
  5. Communicate with the public, legislators, business leaders, cities and parents.

Board Book of the Quarter
In effort to further the Board’s goal of student achievement and professional development, members of the Jordan School District Board of Education will each select a Board Book of the Quarter. All members will be asked to read this book and during each study session, 15 minutes will be set aside to discuss the merits of the book with the discussion led by the Board member who recommended the book.