Community Comes Together to Provide Hundreds of Brand-New Beds, Bedding and Pillows for Struggling Students and Families Forced to Go Without

Volunteers stand in front of a Bed'r Homes for Kids sign It is a community effort like no other bringing hundreds of brand-new beds to students and families going without this winter season. The project, supported by local businesses and sponsored by the Jordan Education Foundation is called “BED’R HOMES FOR KIDS.” The goal is to provide 200 new twin beds, bedding and pillows for deserving students and families who find themselves struggling, often with homelessness.

Jordan Education Foundation Executive Director Mike Haynes, says “When kids have the essentials of life at home, they are better prepared to be successful students.” Getting beds to students who may have never had one, will give them a chance at a good night’s sleep and help them to better concentrate in class at school.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project to improve the lives of local students and families in our area.