Majestic Elementary Arts Academy Students Perform in Wonderful Winter Gala

Majestic Elementary Students performing on stageIt was a magical night for students, teachers and more than 400 guests who gathered for the school’s first ever “Winter Gala.” Over the past three months teacher specialists in visual and musical arts prepared students to take the stage and share their talents.

The school’s older students played instruments as part of a band performance, while the younger students sang musical numbers. Each student showcased their integrated art projects in the hallways.

It was inspiring to see supportive parents and families celebrate their students’ hard work. Even Superintendent Dr. Anthony Godfrey and Board of Education member Jen Atwood stopped by to enjoy the Winter Gala.

Teachers at the school say having the arts integrated into learning every day is having a positive impact on student’s lives and in the school culture.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this magical night at Majestic Arts Academy!