Two Mountain Creek Middle School Students with Special Needs Selected to Represent Utah in the Rose Bowl Parade

Two students hold their musical instrumentsIt will be the experience of a lifetime for two Mountain Creek Middle School students with special needs. Jaymi Bonner, an 8th grade student who plays violin and Emma Figueroa, an 9th grade student who plays trumpet, will both be representing Utah in the Rose Bowl parade. The students were selected, along with others who have special needs, from all over the country. They all participate in a program called “United Sound.” The program focuses on relationship building and partners special needs students with peer tutors who assist and support them playing in their individual school bands.

Jaymi and Emma are busy preparing for the once in a lifetime event with their peer tutor, who will travel to the Rose Bowl and participate in the parade with the girls.

Thanks to everyone at Mountain Creek Middle School for supporting this program, especially Special Education teacher Karlee English and Music teacher Cameron Elliott.

Best of luck to Jaymi and Emma in the Rose Bowl parade.