Big Surprise for Jordan School District Lead Nurse RaeAnna Kirk

Picture of RaeAnna and school nursesIt was a moment RaeAnna Kirk and her family won’t soon forget. District nurses secretly gathered with balloons, flowers and treats to share some amazing news with RaeAnna, who is the lead nurse for Jordan School District. The nurses wanted to be first to let RaeAnna know she has been selected as the Utah School Nurses Association’s 2022 School Nurse Administrator of the Year!

The recognition was a complete surprise for RaeAnna, but nurses say she is beyond deserving of the award. The nurses read messages which were part of the nomination process, stating things like “RaeAnna is very professional in her duties, each of her team members know that they are valued by her. She goes out of her way to connect with each nurse individually.” Another nurse said, “Throughout the COVID crisis, RaeAnna was the rock that kept our team together.” Still another nurse shared, “RaeAnna really cares for the students that she has worked with. She offers her students space in her office to take breaks as well as making sure that they feel safe and well taken care of at school.”

Congratulations, RaeAnna Kirk. Keep up the compassionate work, you make the District proud!