Local Salon Treats Students at South Valley School to Hair and Makeup for “Spring Fling” Dance

It was a day and night to remember for students at the South Valley School. The school held its annual “Spring Fling” dance on Friday night and a local hair academy volunteered precious time and talents to make sure everyone looked their very best for the night of dancing, pictures, refreshments, and having fun with friends.

The Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design was at South Valley all morning on Friday giving students the opportunity to have their hair styled, makeup, and nails done for the dance. It was a big act of kindness that made students look and feel their very best for their night to remember. The theme for this year’s dance was “A Walk in the Clouds.” Teachers, staff, and school alumni attended, along with current South Valley students.

Everyone danced the night away making cherished memories. Thank you to Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design for their generosity and caring about South Valley students!