High School Students Serve as Chinese Teaching Assistants in Elementary Schools

DLI Teaching AssistantsShe wanted to support and advance the Chinese Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program. That’s why DLI teacher and Chinese Club advisor, Mrs. Wei Wei decided to spearhead the High School Chinese Teaching Assistant Program. Students from two high schools served as teaching assistants at local elementary schools, supporting elementary Chinese language teachers.

Riverton High School students assisted at Southland Elementary School and Mountain Ridge High School students assisted at Foothills Elementary School. Students were divided into six groups, each serving a specific grade level. They designed tailored Chinese language classes, engaging young learners through activities like character recognition, word formation, rap songs, and storytelling with pictographs.

The program received enthusiastic praise, motivating children to learn Chinese. Parents expressed appreciation for the impact, inspiring their children to become Chinese teachers. Elementary school teachers were delighted by their former students’ growth, highlighting the positive outcomes of the initiative.

The program showcases high school students’ commitment, fostering cultural and linguistic exchange. Their efforts will make a lasting impact on the future of the Chinese DLI program, inspiring young learners with enthusiasm and dedication.