Jordan School District Employee and Unified Sports Athletes Throw First Pitch at Salt Lake Bees Game

Kevan Sprague has been with the Jordan School District for his entire 31-year career and is currently the head custodian at Mountain Ridge High School, a school he helped to open in 2019.

Last week, Kevan had an entirely new assignment. He was selected to throw the first pitch at the Salt Lake Bees game. Kevan prepared for his pitching debut with the help of the Mountain Ridge High School coaching staff and administration, throwing pitches in front of the entire faculty. The preparation paid off as Kevan threw the ball like a pro across home plate!  

Corbin Roesbery, a Unified Athlete in the 11th grade at Copper Hills High School and Alex Roberts, a Unified Athlete in 12th grade at Copper Hills High School also were invited to throw a pitch and they did a great job as well!

Kylee Holder and Chase Ryan are Copper Hills High ‘Pals’ and were on hand to assist our Unified Athletes.

Right after the first pitches were thrown, Bingham High School sophomore Miles Jeppson sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, wowing the crowd with his amazing voice as it rang out across the ballpark.

Thanks to the Salt Lake Bees organization for providing such fun and memorable moments for JSD students and staff.