Blackridge Elementary School Teachers Create Magical Hogwarts Experience

The imaginative and creative minds of the third-grade teaching team at Blackrige Elementary School were on display all week as they transformed the hallways and classrooms into scenes straight from the novel series “Harry Potter.” The yearly “Fantasy Week” tradition has become an annual labor of love for the school’s staff. They spend countless hours before and after school creating lesson plans and building scenes to transport their students’ imaginations to the fictional Hogwarts School of Magic.

From classrooms wrapped in castle-like decor to wands and broomsticks hanging on the walls, this year’s events were an experience students will never forget. The third graders eagerly attended potions class, where they learned the art of concocting magical brews, and the students received their very own wand, a tangible symbol of their journey into the wizarding realm. And, of course, no homage to Harry Potter would be complete without engaging in a thrilling game or two of Quidditch.

In a delightful surprise, Superintendent Godfrey made a grand entrance, dressed as the esteemed Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. His presence brought an extra touch of magic to the event as he playfully stepped in to save the students from the strict rules imposed by Dolores Umbridge, the villainous temporary Headmistress of Hogwarts.

We cannot praise the third-grade teaching team enough for their commitment and efforts in creating a ‘Fantasy Week,’ which left a lasting impression on students and staff alike. Let us all raise our wands in admiration and say, “Well done, wizards of Blackridge Elementary School!”