Employees, Students and Parents Participate in Health & Wellness Day Activities

They enjoyed everything from wellness yoga, meditation, art, cooking, meal planning, and mindfulness classes, even a huge Health Fair. On Friday, Jordan School District employees were offered a variety of ways to focus on their personal health and wellness now and in the future. Friday, February 9, was the District’s third annual Health & Wellness Day for employees, students, and families.

Resources were made available throughout the day to help everyone focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Virtual classes were offered, along with in-person activities designed to help staff connect with other employees and to support physical health and wellness.

The District also provided families with information, activities, and curriculum for students of all ages to help them focus on their own health and wellness. The resources were made available so parents could make choices about what would be most helpful and appropriate for members of their individual families.

A big thank you to all of our community partners who stepped up and supported the Health & Wellness Day by offering things like free use of gyms, a spa, jazzercise, meal storage with Beehive meals, and more.