Herriman High School Boys Buy Roses to Hand Out as True Act of Kindness and Caring on Valentine’s Day

They wanted to make sure everyone felt the love of kindness and caring at Herriman High School on Valentine’s Day. That’s why a group of Herriman High boys decided to carry on a tradition, which started in 2018, of raising enough money to purchase a rose for every girl or anyone else who would like one at school on February 14. This year, they purchased 1,400 white roses and personally handed them out as fellow students arrived at school Wednesday morning. The cupids also went classroom to classroom handing out the roses.

After they delivered roses to students at Herriman High, the boys headed to the Sagewood Senior Living Center in Daybreak, where they handed out roses to seniors, hoping to make them feel the love on Valentine’s Day as well.

Thanks to the Herriman High boys behind the project for making Valentine’s Day a special one for so many students and seniors.