Kindness Week Begins at Jordan Ridge Elementary School with Kind Visit from Kauri Sue Hamilton School Students

It was an experience that students, teachers, staff, and principals will likely remember for a very long time. Students from the Kauri Sue Hamilton School helped to launch Kindness Week at Jordan Ridge Elementary School in a very touching, and meaningful way.

During the kickoff assembly Jordan Ridge students heard from Kauri Sue staff who explained the different ways their students communicate without their voices, how they get around school if they don’t walk, how they eat if they don’t use their mouth, and how they like to do many of the same things that any other kids and teens like to do.

Kauri Sue Principal Courtney Titus said it was a wonderful way to celebrate what makes each of us unique and discovering how we can spread kindness like confetti.

The Kauri Sue visit demonstrated the power of kindness and respect, and why it’s so important to embrace our differences. They asked Jordan Ridge students to fill their Kindness Week with understanding, friendship, and lots of smiles as they welcomed their special guests from Kauri Sue.

Principal Titus said at the end of the day, everyone learned a lot of great things about how we are the same and how we are different. She said students learned that everyone has feelings and everyone wants to be included.

The assembly was a powerful reminder that we all have the courage to be kind, to be a friend, to talk to others and ask questions in a kind and a polite way. It was also a reminder to embrace and celebrate differences together.

Thanks to the Kauri Sue Hamilton School for an amazing Kindness Week kickoff assembly and to Principal Courtney Titus for sharing this story.