Big Surprise for Two Jordan School District Dual Language Immersion Teachers

It was an honor bestowed on two very deserving teachers in Jordan School District and a big surprise as well.

Lucia Martin, a Spanish DLI teacher at Herriman Elementary School, and Jeessica Bell’Aver, a Portuguese DLI teacher at Bluffdale Elementary School, were both surprised with DLI Teacher of the Year awards.

  • Jessica Bell’Aver is described as an extraordinary Portuguese DLI teacher who has a dynamic teaching style which motivates students to excel. Ms. Bell’Aver demonstrates remarkable strength and commitment and has gone above and beyond creating engaging social studies lessons in English for the District and State. Her hard work, creativity, and passion for teaching have made a lasting impact on her students, school community and Jordan School District.
  • Lucia Martin is described as someone with the unparalleled ability to elevate students’ Spanish proficiency across all subjects and make learning engaging and enjoyable. Lucia’s dedication and expertise have set a high standard within her school and she has exceptional classroom management skills enhancing her ability to foster a positive, vibrant learning environment. Visitors and observers are consistently amazed by her students’ enthusiasm and the obvious DLI strategies that she uses on a daily basis.

Please join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Lucia Martin and Jessica Bell’Aver for their outstanding contributions to their students, schools, and Jordan School District. Their passion, skills, and dedication remind us all of the transformative power of a great teacher.