Friends Finish Copper Mountain Middle School Race Proving They Have Unbreakable Bond & That Human Kindness Wins Every Time

What happened during a race at Copper Mountain Middle School on Thursday is proof that human kindness can always carry us through the most challenging of situations.

Rykien Evans and Nate Wegwitz both decided to participate in the school’s annual one-mile run called the “Running of the Colts.” The seventh-graders are good friends. Nate was going to run the race, Rykien who has Arthrogryposis and has had more than 20 surgeries in his life, would race in his wheelchair. Both friends were ready to give it their all, determined to make it to the finish line. But suddenly there was an issue. Rykien’s wheelchair got stuck in a divot of dirt and wouldn’t budge, however, thanks to his friend Nate, the race wasn’t over.

Nate ran to the rescue, lifted his friend out of the wheelchair and kept right on running, carrying Rykien in his arms.

Some other students retrieved Rykien’s wheelchair and he finished the race with Nate pushing him across the finish line, where both received their medals. It was a heartwarming moment proving the two boys have an unbreakable bond and that human kindness wins every single time!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the “Running of the Colts,” and to Rykien and Nate for showing us all the power of friendship.