Kauri Sue Hamilton Students Take the Stage in Fun and Colorful Production of “Finding Nemo”

It was a moment of pride for parents and fabulous fun for students and staff. Kauri Sue Hamilton School students brought the story of “Finding Nemo” to life on stage this past week.

It all started with a goal to create a space where every student could shine, and students did indeed shine on stage. “Finding Nemo” with its themes of overcoming obstacles and discovering one’s strengths, was a perfect fit for Kauri Sue students and staff.

Weeks of innovative rehearsals tailored to highlight each student’s unique talents paved the way for a performance unlike any other. On performance days the atrium was alive with lots of energy.

Thank you to everyone who supported our students and staff for the production. A special thanks to our Music Therapist, Cassie Bringhurst, for the time and effort she put into making this possible.

Congratulations and huge applause to everyone involved!