Riverton and Mountain Ridge High School Chinese DLI Students Keep Chinese Teaching Assistant Day Alive and Well With Fun in the Classroom

Last year’s Chinese Teaching Assistant Day was well received by teachers, students, and parents. This year, Chinese DLI students from RHS and MRHS returned to the elementary schools for another great experience.

Riverton High School’s Chinese DLI students visited Southland Elementary, while Mountain Ridge students went to Foothills Elementary to serve as Chinese teaching assistants. They were divided into six groups to teach different grade levels, focusing on Chinese medicine and health.

The high school students tailored their teaching plans to each grade level and incorporated fun activities to go along with each lesson. They also shared with the elementary students the challenging but rewarding projects they did in high school, such as Chinese short films, documentaries, Chinese Socratic Seminars, and Chinese Club campaigns.

This program provided elementary students with role models and gave them a glimpse of their future possibilities. Many high school students realized the challenges of teaching and gained a deeper respect for teachers through this experience.

Keep up the great work, Chinese DLI students and teachers!