Supercast Episode 221: Former JATC Student Living and Working in Hollywood Pursuing His Passions

Superintendent with JATC graduateHe is hoping to make it big in Hollywood working with the best of the best in animation and film.

On this episode of the Supercast, meet Ethan Jones, a former student who talks about his time at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC) North Campus. It’s a place where Ethan found the confidence to pursue his dream of heading to Hollywood to work in animation and film.

We also meet a JATC North teacher, who Ethan credits with setting him on the path to career success.

Supercast Episode 220: Thankful for Kauri Sue Hamilton Cafeteria Staff Serving Up Smiles with Personalized Thanksgiving Meals

Superintendent with nutrition services staffSome call them short order cooks in a school cafeteria really like no other.

On this episode of the Supercast, we celebrate Thanksgiving at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School where cafeteria staff make sure the holiday is celebrated in a fun and festive way for students with special needs. Find out how these incredible food service workers use a unique set of cooking skills to make sure every meal is custom made to meet the varying needs of the many students they serve.

Supercast Episode 219: Why a Former Student Is Still Craving Bingham High Cafeteria Food Years After Graduation

Superintendent with Bingham Alumni and Chicken SandwichesYears after graduating from Bingham High School, a former student couldn’t stop craving a cafeteria item she ate almost every day at school and came to doubt she would ever enjoy it again.

On this episode of the Supercast, hear the story of two Bingham High graduates, now married, and how they were downright determined to get their hands on a couple of beloved Bingham cafeteria spicy chicken sandwiches. Find out how they got the surprise of a lifetime in the process of their culinary pursuit and why they both say it was an act of kindness they will never forget.

Supercast Episode 218: Exploring an Ocean of Knowledge; U.S. Navy Officers Offer Insights into STEM Careers for Students

Superintendent with students and Navy officersIt was recently Navy Week at Hidden Valley Middle School, where students had a chance to dive deeply into ocean STEM careers.

On this episode of the Supercast, discover why the U.S. Navy recently visited a number of Utah schools and why the Navy sees students as the future of solving some of the ocean’s most challenging problems.

Supercast Episode 217: The Tall Tale of Goats Hidden in the Basement at Foothills Elementary

Superintendent with the "Goats" at Foothills ElementaryIt is a mystery for students at Foothills Elementary School. How did goats get into the basement of the building where Principal Abe Yospe says they now live?

On this episode of the Supercast, we head to Foothills for the school’s annual Halloween parade, where we track down a student in a creative homemade costume and Principal Yospe to ask the probing question, are goats really living in the basement, or is it a tall (goat’s) tale? Join us as we try to solve the mighty mystery.