Blackridge Elementary Throws Educational Fall Fair

A parent looks at a student displayStudents at Blackridge Elementary spent the day learning about traditions and history around fall fairs. Students created exhibits showing their family traditions that parents were able to walk through. Each display had to have something the students had grown, raised or made with their families. The Fall Fair is a part of the third-grades curriculum-based learning.

Thank you, Blackridge teachers, for creating such an enjoyable environment for parents to engage with their students.

Valley High’s Jacinto Peterson Receives Prestigious NAACP Award

He works tirelessly every day to support students at Valley High School helping them find success in school and in life. Now, Assistant Principal Jacinto Peterson is being recognized by the NAACP Salt Lake branch. On Friday night Mr. Peterson received the Albert Fritz Civil Rights Award from the NAACP at their annual membership banquet. The award recognizes Jacinto’s work in the area of equality and social justice. Jacinto was also recognized for his belief that every student deserves a chance to succeed and accomplish their dreams.

Congratulations Jacinto on this well-deserved recognition!

Supercast Episode 8: How to Make Your Child a Better Book Worm

Superintendent Godfrey reads with a studentSuperintendent Godfrey sits down with two long-time Jordan School District elementary school teachers to ask the questions we hear from parents all the time. When is the right time to start reading to children and how can parents help students develop a love for reading?

But first, Superintendent Godfrey heads to South Jordan Elementary School where he talks to second-grade students about their favorite books and why they love to read.

Fox Hollow Elementary School Teachers Bring Bat Cave to Class

In the spirit of Halloween, some third-grade teachers from Fox Hollow Elementary School went the extra mile dressing up as part of their lesson. Teachers Christine Lilly and Kimberly Treglown wanted their students to learn about bats as they were reading the two stories; ‘Bat Loves the Night’ and ‘A Bat is Born.’ The pair also turned the third-grade classroom into caves with black butcher paper on the walls and bats hanging from the ceiling.

Great job, Ms. Lilly and Ms. Treglown, for bringing your lessons to life with a little bit of creativity.

Working Together to Reduce the Rising Number of School Bus Stop Arm Violations

Press Conferance This is National School Bus Safety Week and Utah school districts along with city leaders and law enforcement are coming together to remind everyone about the importance of safety around school buses.

The president of the Utah Association of Pupil Transportation addressed a group gathered for a ‘STOP the Stop Arm Violations’ press conference. She said Utah drivers are ignoring school bus stop arms at alarming rates, sometimes passing school buses on the right-hand side while students are getting on or off the bus. Launi Harden said ignoring school bus activated flashing red lights and stop arms is putting lives at risk.

In a recent one-day illegal passing count conducted by the State, 917 drivers disregarded extended school bus stop arms and flashing red lights.

Now, school districts are joining with law enforcement agencies to send the message to drivers “STOP the Stop Arm Violations” for the safety of children and others on or near school buses.