Rosamond Teachers and Staff Greeted with Smiles and Love During Fun Filled Parade

Decorated vanIt was a day to remember for Rosamond teachers, students, staff and parents as they gathered for a parade filled with fun and signs of love and support. The teachers got creative as they cruised through the community signaling the end of a school year which was far from normal. Teachers applauded students and parents on a job well done and let them know how much they are missed.

Thank you, Rosamond teachers, students, staff and parents for supporting each other and celebrating the school community!

Terra Linda Teachers and Staff Parade Is a Fun End-of-Year Farewell

Student holding signIt was a morning of mixed emotions as Terra Linda teachers and staff lined up for a fond farewell parade. They waved and congratulated students and parents on a job well done during dismissal and at home learning.

The students and their parents held signs of love and support telling teachers and staff just how much they are missed.

Well done Terra Linda Elementary School!

Jordan District Students Find Success in Virtual STEM Fair

Picture of STEM ProjectCongratulations to some very bright and talented Jordan School District students who are excelling with exciting projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM.) Earlier this year, before school dismissal, 310 students from 24 schools participated in the Jordan School District STEM Fair led by 103 teachers.

Some of these talented students went on to compete in the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair (CUSEF,) which was held virtually in May due to school dismissal. Once again, Jordan District students shined managing to take 15 out of 19 winning places.

We want to recognize Midas Creek Elementary School students who took 6 of the 19 winning places. Congratulations to the following:

  • Engineering – 2nd Place Logan Giron, Midas Creek Elementary -Towel Saver
  • Engineering – 2nd Place Abigail Loeffle,r Midas Creek Elementary – The Pack-A-Potty
  • Engineering – 2nd Place Lincoln Potter, Midas Creek Elementary – Raise The Roof
  • Engineering – 1st Place Easton Olson, Midas Creek Elementary – Couch Lifter
  • Engineering – 1st Place Gavin Gwilliam, Midas Creek Elementary – Hands Free Ball Carrier
  • Engineering – Grand Champion Afton Barron, Midas Creek Elementary – Biodegradable Water Balloons

There were seven categories: Computer Science; Chemistry; Earth & Environmental Science; Engineering; Life Science; Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematics, and Product & Consumer Science.

Supercast Episode 37: Blackridge Students Celebrate Virtual “Fantasy Week” With Creative Potions, Harry Potter, Wands and Wizardry

Students participate in "wizarding world" activitiesIt is always one of the most exciting weeks for third-grade teachers, students and their families at Blackridge Elementary School. “Fantasy Week” transforms classrooms into the land of Hogwarts with a curriculum based on the popular Harry Potter story and characters.

In this episode of the Supercast, hear how teachers managed to recreate “Fantasy Week,” using their magic and creativity to make the lessons come alive virtually.