Terra Linda Elementary Cafeteria Team Serves Up Kindness with Daily Cuisine

They serve up smiles with an extra helping of kindness every single day at Terra Linda Elementary School. That’s why Assistant Principal Jarom Airhart says the Terra Linda cafeteria team is one of the best around. The team, led by Margie McDaniel, has a combined 77 years on the job cooking for kids at the school.

Mr. Airhart says, “They not only create world class cuisine but they are always surprising the Terra Linda staff with cookies, fruit trays and other goodies. They know the kids by name and frequently come out of the kitchen to say hello to students and make sure they are enjoying themselves. We see many of our lunch staff attending community events where they volunteer their time. We are lucky to have such a great group of gals.”

The cafeteria team is always going above and beyond. Mr. Airhart says teachers meet in the “celebration room” for PLC and every week Ms. Margie prepares a delicious plate of fresh fruit and cookies for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you, Margie and the Terra Linda cafeteria team. Keep up the great work nourishing students and staff and serving up smiles and kindness along the way.