What Students Need Most

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During the recent 4th of July weekend, most students likely saw some fireworks. The beautiful thing about this shared experience is just that, it’s a shared experience. People don’t have to agree on much to sit together and watch fireworks.

Being with others who are also enjoying the moment doesn’t just enhance the moment, it creates it. Each person has a deep need to feel a part of a community, a sense of belonging, and connection with others. This need can be especially difficult to meet as a young person in today’s world.

So, while students were watching fireworks there were a few moments of freedom from some of the biggest barriers to more connection.

  • Freedom from competition, because nobody wins at watching a firework show.
  • Freedom from criticism, because you aren’t getting a grade for doing it “right.”
  • Freedom from feeling different, because the others around are also enjoying the moment.

Every child needs more moments like this weekend’s fireworks. Moments where we stop competing, criticizing, or focusing on differences. Each of us, especially students, needs to spend time with people every day, enjoying simple moments and connecting on common ground.

While there may not be fireworks every day, taking a few minutes to be present with someone else is not just a nice moment, it’s a necessity for everyone’s health and wellness. We hope you have a great week!