WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Matters

Clock set to 2:03This past weekend daylight savings ended and most students got an extra hour of sleep. Just one extra hour of sleep makes a big difference in how patient, alert, attentive, and safe drivers are on the road. In fact, studies show that when this time change happens every fall there is a significant decrease in car accidents nationwide.

When students get enough sleep, their minds and bodies are able to perform at their best. Sleep affects physical health, mental health, and brain functioning. Sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

When students consistently don’t get enough sleep, it affects their decision making, emotional stability, physical health, and overall wellness. Furthermore, they aren’t able to learn and remember as easily.

Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of student’s academic and emotional wellness and it makes a HUGE difference. So rather than rely on a time change to improve your patience, alertness, emotional health, and overall brain functioning; create a healthy habit of sleeping at least eight hours every night.

For more information on health and wellness visit wellness.jordandistrict.org

Wellness Wednesday: Stop, Slow Down, and Smell the Snickers

Jack-O-Lantern buckets filled with candyYou may not like Snickers, and that’s okay, you can still fulfill this Halloween wellness challenge.

This is a challenge to savor the moment and be present (including putting the phone down) whether you are laughing with a friend, entering a costume contest, enjoying a sweet treat, or meeting a new neighbor. An essential part of reaping the wellness benefits of positive moments is savoring and recognizing them while experiencing them. Without an occasional, focused pause you may miss the benefits of positive experiences.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to savor each positive moment that may come your way this Halloween. Rather than quickly devouring piles and piles of candy, or quickly shuffling from door to door gathering candy, try and hang on to a positive moment or experience and fully engage. Savoring is a practice and a strategy that will help you feel more fulfilled in everyday life moments that may seem…well, “everyday.”

Opportunities to savor surround us, so engage with the world, pause for a few moments this Halloween, and have a great week!

Tips for a Happy Fall Break

Wellness WednesdayNext week, Jordan School District students, teachers and staff will be taking a break from the regular routine of school for a weeklong fall recess. This break is a great opportunity for students and families to spend their time re-charging and focusing on improving their individual wellness.

A fun way to focus on wellness is by playing our Health and Wellness Team’s Self-Care Bingo. Get 5 in a row any direction or, for the ultimate wellness challenge, try and get blackout over fall break!

We wish everyone a fun and safe fall recess and hope you take some time to care of yourselves.

For Health and Wellness resources visit wellness.jordandistrict.org.


Do You Know the Difference Between Being Comfortable and Being Happy?

Smiling family outside their houseIf you are like most people, you make the mistake of using the word “happy” to describe comfort or convenience rather than fulfillment. We believe that a nicer house, a different job, a bigger closet, better weather, a better car, or nicer clothes would help us be happier. In reality, most of our wants only help us feel more comfortable and do not necessarily make us happier.

In fact, researchers estimate that our “circumstances” (cars, houses, jobs, or how comfortably we live) only account for about 10% of happiness. Though it may not make your life more comfortable, or earn you any money; nurturing relationships with friends, neighbors, and family members is a much better investment in your happiness than working long hours to make more money.

As you work towards your own wellbeing, remember this difference and pause to consider: Is this going to make me more comfortable, or will it make me happier?

They are not the same thing.

For more health and wellness information for you and your family visit: wellness.jordandistrict.org

Free Social & Emotional Wellness Screening for Students

Free Social & Emotional Wellness Screening for StudentsEvery person faces social and emotional difficulties throughout the course of their life. There are always ups and downs – we all experience them.

Though struggle is normal, sometimes it may be more than that and parents often wonder when it might be time to get their child help.

On October 9th, Jordan School District will be hosting a Social and Emotional Wellness Screening at Heartland Elementary School. This event is open to all JSD community members. It is an opportunity to have some of your questions answered regarding what your child may be struggling with and what you can do to help them.

We hope to see you and your family there! Please refer to the flyer for full details. Please visit calendly.com/jordanhealthandwellness/mental-health-screening to schedule an appointment or contact Holly Todd at 801-567-8194.