Celebrating Success at the 2024 JSD Chinese Language Fair

It was a chance for Mountain Ridge and Riverton High School Chinese Club students to showcase their dedication to serving and enriching the Chinese community. The third annual JSD Chinese Language Fair was held recently and it was a big hit thanks to key leaders Emily, Maya, and Miles from the Chinese Club. The students poured their hearts into the project, promoting the event through engaging videos in an effort to inspire elementary school students to participate.

Superintendent Anthony Godfrey joined the fun as well. Speaking at the fair, he commended the dedication of the Chinese Club students and urged all JSD Chinese students to strive for excellence in learning the language.

The festival’s highlight was the spirited team competitions, including Charades and Jeopardy, in which Foothills Elementary School, Eastlake Elementary School, South Jordan Middle School, and South Hills Middle School students demonstrated their exceptional skills. Southland and Monte Vista Elementary students wowed the audience with Chinese song and dance performances at the Chinese Talent Show.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this meaningful and fun event. We look forward to continued dedication and success in fostering the growth of our Chinese community in the future.